Speed Limit On WiFi About To Get A Boost

WiFi-N devices, which perform up to 5 times faster than their standard version cousins WiFi-A, -B, and -G, boast speeds as high as 270 million bits per second. While real-world speeds will be lower by as much as half that, they’re still faster than current speeds of about 54 million bits per second. Consumers, however, may be slow to embrace the new technology — all that speed is overkill for most home-based WiFi users. Marketers in favor of the new technology are banking on data-rich movie and TV downloads from Hollywood — which require the extra speed to avoid interference — to convince users to move up to WiFi-N. Just imagine: downloading new-release movies onto your computer, then immediately watching them wirelessly on your big-screen TV. Feeling the need for speed?
Via [boston.com]

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