AT&T Says Mobile WiMAX Needs Time To Mature

AT&T shut down in September its mobile WiMax trial in the Netherlands. Martin Silman, the carrier’s executive director of global market portfolio management, said the company had to make the decision because “the security (that the network) required involved buffering, which in turn introduced an unacceptable degree of latency.” Hence, Silman believes the technology will “take a couple of years… to mature.” He admitted that the trial used pre-standard or proto-standard equipment due to the absence of certification laboratories for 802.16e-based products.

The test in the European country was the first done using mobile WiMAX but the fourth with 16e. Last year, the company carried out trials using fixed WiMAX or 16d in Atlanta, New Jersey, and Alaska.

Meanwhile, AT&T’s regional VP of EMEA John Slamecka disclosed that this year the company will expand its WiFi coverage in Europe, with The Cloud joining companies like iPass in its list of partner providers.
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