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AT&T Lights Up WiMax In Juneau

Juneau, Alaska residents can now avail of wireless WiMax-based broadband Internet service from AT&T Inc.’s subsidiary AT&T Alascom for $19.95 per month. The company said it is its first venture as part of a statewide plan to broaden broadband coverage via WiMax. The Juneau network will use Alvarion Ltd. equipment and will blanket the Douglas,Continue Reading

AT&T To Run With LTE

AT&T’s President of Government Solutions for Mobility stated LTE will most likely be the path the company takes because there are similar throughputs but they haven’t excluded the possibility of WiMAX technology at this point. He also spent a great deal of time talking about the AT&T Networx’s latest contract win and the future ofContinue Reading

AT&T Says Mobile WiMAX Needs Time To Mature

AT&T shut down in September its mobile WiMax trial in the Netherlands. Martin Silman, the carrier’s executive director of global market portfolio management, said the company had to make the decision because “the security (that the network) required involved buffering, which in turn introduced an unacceptable degree of latency.” Hence, Silman believes the technology willContinue Reading

ATT, Covad Close In On WiMax

ATT has 8.5 billion reasons to embrace superspeedy WiMax wireless technology, says the carrier’s chief technology officer. Via []Continue Reading