RoamAD Wins Caribbean Wi-Fi Deal

RoamAD has won a contract to build a network that will eventually provide wireless Internet coverage to 1.17 million homes or 59 percent of the urban population in the Dominican Republic. The New Zealand wireless network builder signed an agreement with DR Telecom towards the development of a 2.4GHz network, which will initially blanket about 10 square kilometers of the country’s capital, Santo Domingo. The first section will become operational in February, with rest of the service’s first phase to be deployed in June next year.

The network promises to deliver up to 1.5 Mbit/s but RoamAD chief executive Martyn Levy expects customer plans to range from 128 kbit/s to 512 kbit/s. Clients must use a WiFi-enabled device to connect to the network as well as equipment from Ruckus and PepLink, worth about $70, to access services like VoIP and security surveillance/CCTV. According to DR Telecom vice president Felix Rosario, the company has not fixed the price for access but will likely use a data-volume charging model instead of a time-based scheme for determining prices.
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