Wi-Fi Better Designed For Shorter Ranges, Not Citywide Deployments

Wireless technology is no match to wired networks as primary connection. This is according to Dave Burstein, editor of the industry newsletter DSL Prime. “Where you have a choice, DSL or cable compared to wireless, you are going to go for DSL or cable unless it’s ridiculously overpriced.” Burstein conceded that wireless networks are useful during emergencies and away from home but in terms of security and speed, wired connections are a better option.

Adam DuVander, a Web programmer and blogger, experienced problems associated with Wi-Fi, first-hand. The Portland resident, who taps wireless hotspots around the area to log onto the Internet, expressed excitement over the city’s planned wireless network, but that feeling did not last long. “I tried it out as soon as I could and found that it wasn’t for me. The quality of the connection is not up to my standards.” The project only entails installing 25 access points per square mile, which means that users must be within 500 feet of the nearest AP. Boosting performance would require adding more access points, but this would increase the cost of the project. With that, “the business model breaks in its entirety,” said Logan Kleier, the city’s manager for the Unwired Portland project.
Via [signonsandiego.com]

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