Three Vendors Spotlight 11n Wireless LANs For The Enterprise

A group of wireless LAN vendors plan to showcase their new high-performing enterprise access points at the Interop Las Vegas this week.

Colubris will bring its Multiservice Access Point (MAP)-625, which has two radios. One radio supports 802.11a, b, and g while the other is compatible with 11n draft 2 standard. The MAP-625 11n radio promises a minimum useable throughput of 100Mbps, which could go up by another 24Mbps via the 11abg radio. The company looks to sell the product for $999, around 30 percent higher than the current dual-radio 11abg variant.

The new 11n ZoneFlex WLAN product line from Ruckus Wireless includes a new 11g access point, an existing 11g low-end access point for small offices, a new 11n draft 2 access point, and the ZoneDirector 1000 controller, which the firm will make available in 3 models to host as many as 25 access points. The ZoneFlex 2942 11g access point is expected to deliver 20Mbps of “sustained throughput.” The ZoneFlex 7942 11n access point, which is due for release in August or September, features a 2.4 GHz radio that can operate on 11bg and 11n.

Trapeze Networks unveiled its Mobility Ppoint(MP)-432 11n draft 2 access point. The AP features a 3×3 antenna configuration for each band, and like Colubris’s MAP-625, is based on the Atheros dual-band MIMO chipset. The two radios can operate simultaneously. When working on the optional 40 MHz channels, they can support a total data rate of 600Mbps. The device is likely to be sold for “less than $1,500,” according to the company.
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