Time For Wi-Fi To Sink Or Sync

Three years ago Philadelphia Mayor Street announced that he had a dream. He dreamt of a hot city with inexpensive Wi-Fi for everyone whether they were at home or on the go. The city paired up with EarthLink to realize that dream and now, after testing a 15-square-mile area, they say they’re ready to go ahead and tackle the entire 135-square-mile city.

About 385 US cities have announced that they too have similar dreams but Philadelphia is the largest city to attempt the project. And tests so far are good. In the limited region currently covered the promised speed of 1 megabit per second is typically being met and at times it’s even being exceeded.

Naysayers believe that Wi-Fi over such large areas will prove to be much more time consuming and expensive than anticipated and they point to the simplicity of getting Wi-Fi from current cable and phone providers already established in these municipalities as being a better option for consumers. AAA The future is a bit unknown at this juncture but the success or failure of the Philadelphia project should give other cities a glimpse at the possibilities.
Via [philly.com]

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