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New Tools Found For Wi-Fi Hacking

Wi-Fi hackers have gotten more advanced and your private information is even more at risk. The recent Black Hat conference in Las Vegas featured a demonstration by Errata Security that detailed how a hacker can use new tools to steal your encrypted cookies and passwords and then control your online sessions. Errata has combated thisContinue Reading

Lycos Launches Free Wi-Fi Search Tool

Lycos has created an online database to help people locate Wi-Fi hotspots in the U.K. The database includes details on more than 10,000 connections in 1,500 towns including free-to-access Wi-Fi points and fee-based hotspots provided by such companies like T-Mobile, The Cloud and BT. The downloadable tool also provides information on hotspots in Sweden, Spain,Continue Reading

AirMagnet Rolls Out Voice-Over-Wi-Fi Analysis Tool

AirMagnet is offering a new network analysis tool to help network managers identify voice problems over wireless networks. The AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer can detect these problems in real time, keep track of voice traffic from one device to another, and determine if both wireless APs and wire-side devices are configured just right. The company saidContinue Reading

Wireless Cracking Tools

Knowing the tools that attackers could use to attack your network is the first step in knowing how to secure your network. These same tools can be used to discover weaknesses yourself and patch them before the bad guys find them. Via []Continue Reading

Xilinx Releases Tools To Speed Spread Of WiMAX

The rush to deploy WiMAX gained momentum Tuesday with the announcement by Xilinx of a suite of programmable solutions designed to speed product design for the emerging wide-area wireless standard. Via []Continue Reading

AirDefense Launches Free Wi-Fi Security Tool

The consumer version of AirDefense Personal agent allows the user to monitor a laptop’s wireless connection for potential security risks. Consumers can track malicious or accidental wireless activities and wireless misconfigurations and close their wireless connection if a security threat is discovered. Via []Continue Reading

McAfee Offers Wireless Security For The Home

Consumers worried about the safety of their wireless home networks might soon be able to rest a little easier with McAfee’s new Wireless Home Network Security software. Via []Continue Reading

AutoCell Unveils Kit To Lower Wi-Fi Switch Costs

AutoCell Laboratories Inc. has introduced an integrated RF product suite and software development kit the company said speeds time-to-market and lowers costs for network equipment vendors implementing Wi-Fi switches. Via []Continue Reading

UMR Students Examine Tools Used In Wi-Fi Security Attacks

As the federal government considers whether airplane passengers should have inflight wireless Internet access, two University of Missouri-Rolla students are examining the vulnerabilities such networks pose. Via []Continue Reading

How To Hack The Wireless Fantastic

Here in the States, you can buy a stock Linksys Wireless-G router (WRT54G) for around $50 to $60 when the smoke clears with holiday rebates. You cna maybe even get one for free if you manage to get it thrown in with a broadband service bundle. It’s a nice reliable piece of hardware out ofContinue Reading

Tools Let Wireless LANs Branch Out

With wireless LANs firmly established in the headquarters of many large enterprises, WLAN management specialists are now addressing the needs of their customers’ branch offices with new tools that allow for remote administration. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Detection And Analysis Tool Hits Market

“As Wi-Fi users become accustomed to using high-speed Internet access when and where they need it, versatile tools for finding accessible Wi-Fi networks become essential,” Canary Wireless co-founder Benjamin Kern said. John Yunker, an analyst at Byte Level Research, said that the features on the Canary Wireless Hotspotter device represent a big step forward. ViaContinue Reading

Mini WiFi Locator Locks In On Networks

When I travel I love to find WiFi wireless networks I can use in a pinch. It’s become easy to find WiFi in hotels. But, in airports, train stations and even outdoors in parks I’m sometimes forced to open my laptop or PDA, and log-in to see if I can find an open network whereContinue Reading

Mobiles Track Down Wi-Fi Hotspots

The best thing about wireless net access, or wi-fi, is that once you find a hotspot, it is so easy to use. The downside is that finding your nearest hotspot when you are out and about can be tricky. Especially if you are in a city you do not know well. Via []Continue Reading

SP2 Tools Ease Wireless Configuration

Windows Service Pack 2 features wireless configuration tools that can cure IT headaches—if SP2 doesn’t break your applications. Via []Continue Reading