Sprint To Offer WiMAX-enabled Linux Tablet

LinuxDevices has discovered that Sprint will be offering an internet tablet similar to Nokia’s N800 next year. This addition to the Mobile WiMAX market will take advantage of Sprint’s 4G wireless services, which may reach more than 100 million people by 2008.

In 2006 Sprint announced their plans to begin the 4G nationwide broadband mobile network and has now made public their plans to use Mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e-2005) to launch this technology.

On the other side, Nokia’s N800 will probably include WiFi and Bluetooth and is moving forward, determined to capture the marketplace.
Via [linuxdevices.com]

2 Responses to Sprint To Offer WiMAX-enabled Linux Tablet

  1. Adam Brown says:

    I would be surprised if Sprint has a strong future due to some basic business practices of theirs. Like many of the other huge wireless corporations, Sprint insists on locking people into long contracts. If Sprint was confident in their offerings they wouldn’t try to lock people into staying with them.

    My company is in Austin, TX and Sprint insisted that they have excellent coverage and could provide us the GPS tracking that we needed. We got over a dozen phones and two high-speed data cards. Since we started service, we have had terrible coverage, text messages take up to 12 hours to reach the recipients, and the high-speed data cards have never worked. The GPS tracking was a joke and NOT what they showed to us.

    We have talked to the sales people, tech support, corporate, and have never gotten a response. Recently they have raised the text messaging rates even though we were under contract.

    What is the purpose of a contract if the company can change the rates but won’t let the consumer out of the contract?

    People are starting to wise up about Sprints deceptive practices and how cellphone contracts do not benefit the consumer, only the vendor. All they do is lock you into service that doesn’t work.

    I worry about the 4G rollout. What good is a high-tech network if the management of that network is substandard? Let’s hope Google wins their auction for the new opening spectrum and leases it out to anyone who wants a slice.

    Adam Brown

    Longhorn Services – longhorn-services.com

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