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Clearwire, Sprint Call Their Deal Off

The recent departure of Sprint CEO, Gary Forsee, is having some far reaching impact. The WiMAX build out between Sprint Nextel and Clearwire is the latest victim as the proposed joint, nationwide WiMAX effort has been dropped. Sprint’s corporate shake up was not the only reason the proposed venture was nixed,the complexities of the transactionContinue Reading

Sprint’s New WiMax To Be Called ‘Xohm’

Sprint’s new WiMAX has a name…Xohm. The company feels the X at the beginning of Xohm gives it an edgy feel but notes the pronounciation is like “home” but with a “z” sound at the beginning. However, the announcement of the name isn’t the only leap the company is taking. They also plan on rollingContinue Reading

Sprint To Offer WiMAX-enabled Linux Tablet

LinuxDevices has discovered that Sprint will be offering an internet tablet similar to Nokia’s N800 next year. This addition to the Mobile WiMAX market will take advantage of Sprint’s 4G wireless services, which may reach more than 100 million people by 2008. In 2006 Sprint announced their plans to begin the 4G nationwide broadband mobileContinue Reading

Sprint Nextel Considers How To Fund WiMax Rollout

The Wall Street Journal reported that Sprint Nextel is seeking new ways to fund its WiMax deployment project. The company, in August last year, announced plans to build a $3 billion WiMax network but with high wireless-customer churn rates and a declining stock price, securing capital investment is proving to be a challenge for Sprint.Continue Reading

Nokia Signs On To Help With Sprint Nextel’s WiMax Deployment

Sprint named Nokia as its main partner in building its WiMax network in four Texas cities — Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio — which is expected to be operational by the first half of next year. Sprint earlier announced that it is teaming up with Motorola and Samsung to provide WiMax connection inContinue Reading

Sprint Facing WiMax Delays?

Analysts are skeptical that Sprint Nextel will meet its target of launching its WiMax network in the U.S. in 2008. According to Dresdner Kleinwort, “the whole project will be marred by severe delays, quality deficiencies and functional slippages.” The analyst firm does not see mass market rollout until 2009 to 2010. Vendors at the 3GSMContinue Reading

Why Sprint Says WiMax Is 4G

Sprint CTO Barry West regards WiMax the 4G technology because not only is it faster, it is also cheaper. According to West, WiMax causes a 10-fold improvement in the price-per-bit as it uses a wider channel. The current CDMA networks run on a 1.25-MHz channel and can deliver a maximum of 4 bits per hertz,Continue Reading

Sprint Chooses WiMax For High-speed Wireless

After evaluating other technologies, Sprint Nextel has chosen WiMax as its vehicle technology for the new high-speed wireless network that it plans to roll out in late 2007. According to Sprint chief executive Gary Forsee, Intel will provide the equipment for the network while Samsung and Motorola will develop phones and mobile devices that willContinue Reading

Sprint Offshoot Tries Muni Wi-Fi

So the telco’s jump up and down and lobby states to pass laws prohibiting municipalities from offering Municipal Wifi themselves, but are more than happy to step up and do it themselves. Sprint’s offshoot, Embarq is testing a few sites in Henderson, Nevada after the city expressed interest in municipal wireless in October. Via []Continue Reading

Sprint Increases Investment In WiMax Competitor

Sprint Nextel said Wednesday that it has made a second investment in IPWireless, the developer of a wireless broadband technology that competes with WiMAX. Via []Continue Reading

Sprint, Samsung Team For WiMAX Trials

In what will be the first major test of WiMAX in the United States, Sprint Nextel and Samsung Telecommunications America have announced they will begin lab and field trials of the broadband network technology starting early next year. Via []Continue Reading

Sprint Gets Lined Up Behind WiMAX

Sprint is the latest telecommunications player to lay the groundwork for testing WiMAX, the yet-unproven wireless standard for high speed metropolitan networks. Via []Continue Reading

Intel, Sprint Connect On WiMax

Intel and Sprint plan to work together to develop an emerging wireless broadband technology called WiMax, which has been promoted as a third option to cable and digital subscriber line for providing high-speed Internet access into the home. Via []Continue Reading

Sprint Extend Its Wi-Fi Presence Globally

US-based telecomms group Sprint is extending its Wi-Fi presence internationally with the help of virtual network enabler Quiconnect. Via []Continue Reading

Sprint CEO Predicts Wireless-Net Link

Sprint Corp. chief executive Gary D. Forsee predicted that next year will see the first ”combo phones” come to market in the United States, linking conventional wireless service and low-priced Internet calling. Via []Continue Reading