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Alvarion Concentrates On WiMAX

LG Wireless is acquiring Alvarion’s Cellular Mobile business for $15 million. Alvarion believes the unit is not only a good fit for LG but also serves the best interest of shareholders. The deal, according to Alvarion President and CEO Tzvika Friedman, will also enable the company to devote all its resources to WiMax. The saidContinue Reading

Alvarion Launches WiMax Do-It-Yourself Device

Alvarion has launched BreezeMAX Si, a low-cost, self-installable indoor customer premises equipment for the wide-area wireless technology. Carlton ONeal, Alvarion’s vice president of marketing, said the device is “cheap and easy to install” and has “the size of “a one-slice bagel toaster.” The CPE, which, according to ONeal, will allow customers and small businesses “toContinue Reading

Wireless Provider Alvarion Targets Africa

Wireless broadband provider, Alvarion Ltd. has gained traction in the African market with recent deals in Ghana and Madagascar. Via []Continue Reading

Alvarion Grabs WiMAX Market In South America

There is a race to deploy wireless broadband using Wimax -technically IEEE 802.16- in Argentina, with two ISPs already boasting about having an operating network in the metropolitan Buenos Aires area, and the two currently engaged in the active deployment and extension of their networks to different cities. In this year’s Expocomm exhibition, both playersContinue Reading

Alvarion WiMAX To Hit Kenyan Shores

WiMAX is coming to Kenya and Alvarion Ltd, an Israeli based wireless broadband provider, has been awarded the tender. Via []Continue Reading

Alvarion Ships End-User WiMAX Equipment

Alvarion Ltd. said Wednesday that it was first out the gate with customer-premise-equipment (CPE) based on Intel’s “Rosedale” WiMAX chip. Via []Continue Reading

Alvarion Speaks Out On WiMax Certification

When the WiMax Forum launched its certification process at Spain’s Cetecom Labs in mid-July, a number of companies quickly took the opportunity to announce that their equipment had been shipped to Spain to participate – but one company was notably missing from the list: Alvarion. Via []Continue Reading

Alvarion In Talks With DirecTV On Using WiMAX

Network equipment maker Alvarion Ltd. is in talks with DirecTV Group Inc. about supplying the satellite television service with wireless equipment that would boost its network, according to Alvarion’s chief executive, Zvi Slonimsky. Via []Continue Reading

Alvarion Rides The WiMAX Wave

As the latest wireless broadband technology begins to catch on, this equipment maker is poised to see strong growth. Via []Continue Reading

Alvarion Targets Sales Of $1b. Within 3-5 Years

Tel Aviv-based Alvarion, a maker of broadband wireless equipment, has set itself a target of increasing annual sales to $1 billion within three-to-five years from $201.5 million in 2004, outgoing chief executive officer Zvi Slonimsky said Tuesday. Via []Continue Reading

Alcatel, Alvarion Sign WiMAX Agreement

Alcatel has announced an OEM agreement with Alvarion Ltd. combining Alvarion’s commercially-available WiMAX-ready 802.16-2004 solution with Alcatel’s global reach and network integration capabilities. Via []Continue Reading

Verizon, Alvarion Sign Wireless Broadband Deal

Verizon Avenue, a subsidiary of Verizon Communications, has bought equipment from Alvarion to make wireless broadband service available on a former military base. Via []Continue Reading

Vendor Claims It Is Developing Mobile WiMAX System

Overcoming what many consider a weakness of WiMAX wireless broadband, Alvarion says it will start selling a mobile WiMAX system in 2006. Via []Continue Reading

Alvarion Posts $2.5m Q2 Profit

Revenues for the second quarter of 2004 rose to a record $48.8 million. CEO Zvi Slonimsky: Last week’s interWAVE acquisition provides extremely valuable core mobile technology for us.” Via []Continue Reading