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Qualcomm Reveals New EV-DO Chipset For VoIP Handsets

Qualcomm Inc. has developed a modem chipset for its CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev. B, which it claims can deliver average downlink data rates of 9.3 Mbps via the 5 MHz spectrum. The company expects the Qualcomm Mobile Station Modem MSM7850 chipset to enable mobile TV, music streaming and VoIP calls. The device, which is due forContinue Reading

Nanoradio Launches Wi-Fi Chipset

Swedish fabless wireless provider Nanoradio AB today announced the launch of its first generation Wi-Fi chipset solution, NRX700, aimed at the portable electronic device market. Via []Continue Reading

Startups’ Mini-PCI Card Kit, Chip Set Fuel WiMax Race

As two startups fighting to be heard above the big WiMax guns of Intel and Fujitsu, Sequans Communications and Wavesat Inc. this week will separately announce a chip set and a mini-PCI card reference kit designed to accelerate WiMax development and deployment. The announcements come a week after the two vendors commenced WiMax certification testing.Continue Reading

Intel Leads Wi-Fi Chipmakers In New Forum

Intel, Broadcom, Marvel and Atheros have sidestepped the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers’ process to work on a draft of the new 802.11n standard, which the vendors plan to submit to the IEEE’s working group for consideration, sources say. Via []Continue Reading

Qualcomm Integrates WLAN Functions Into Handsets

Wireless technology provider Qualcomm Inc. has announced that its Mobile Station Modem chipsets will support Philips’ wireless local area network (WLAN) module. Via []Continue Reading

Broadcom Unveils Wi-Fi Phone Chip

Broadcom Corporation introduced a new single-chip mobile VoIP processor designed with Wi-Fi phones in mind. Broadcom is already offering the VoIP processor commercially. Via []Continue Reading

Alvarion Ships End-User WiMAX Equipment

Alvarion Ltd. said Wednesday that it was first out the gate with customer-premise-equipment (CPE) based on Intel’s “Rosedale” WiMAX chip. Via []Continue Reading

Intel Senses United Wireless Future In 802.21

In a pre-show briefing to international press on Monday, Intel discussed developments that the company claims will herald a new era of cooperating standards in wireless. “Our goal is to provide seamless network connectivity across a wide range of networks,” said Alan Crouch, the director of Intel’s Oregon Communications Technology Lab. “And 802.21 is theContinue Reading

Ember Expands In Cambridge, England

Ember Corp., a startup developer of Zigbee wireless chips for embedded systems, has opened a new facility in Cambridge, England, to house an expanded radio IC design team and a business development team serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Via []Continue Reading

LG Electronics Joins 802.11 Joint Patent Licensing Program

Via Licensing Corp. said Tuesday that it has added LG Electronics as a licensor to its joint patent licensing program for IEEE 802.11 implementation patents. Via []Continue Reading

Analyst Says Consumer WLAN Adoption Still In Its Infancy

The wave of wireless LAN (WLAN) in consumer applications is just beginning and will have a profound affect on the lives of consumers, according to an industry analyst and executives at fabless semiconductor supplier Marvell. Via []Continue Reading

ZigBee Shrinks To One Chip

ZigBee devices are moving up in integration and down in cost, signaling a potential takeoff for the wireless networking technology. Ember Corp. is ramping up production of what it says is the first single-chip ZigBee solution, as well as its second-generation ZigBee software stack, EmberZNet 2.0. Via []Continue Reading

PCTEL Snaps Up Sigma Wireless

In an effort to gain a foothold in the European antenna market, PCTEL has acquired Sigma Wireless Technologies from Sigma Communications for $27 million. Via []Continue Reading

Metalink Wi-Fi Chip Goes At 240-Mbit-Per-Second

Metalink Ltd. has announced it has baseband chip, the MtW8170, which when combined with the already available MtW8150 radio frequency chip, makes a chip set intended to implement the emerging IEEE 802.11n standard for next-generation WiFi and able to operate at 243-Mbits per second. Via []Continue Reading

Airgo Cuts MIMO Wi-Fi Chipset Prices

Airgo, the Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) wireless technology pioneer Airgo, has launched new, low-cost Wi-Fi chipsets. Via []Continue Reading