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Broadcom Chip Supports Wi-Fi, Security

Broadcom has unveiled new single-chip wireless local area networking technology designed for use in handheld computers, notebooks and other consumer electronic devices. Via []Continue Reading

Broadcom’s SecureEZSetup Guards Consumer WLANs

Chipmaker Broadcom Corp. on Monday announced a software tool designed to attack the problem of security on home wireless LANs by eliminating the need to manually enter network settings. Via []Continue Reading

Broadcom To Give Wireless Networks Zip

Broadcom has introduced a Wi-Fi chipset that it says can speed the performance of 802.11g networks to 125mbps, potentially creating new opportunities for routing high-bandwidth media across wireless networks. Via []Continue Reading

Atheros And Broadcom Both Guilty Of Wireless Problems

A year ago, I thought 802.11g was a dumb idea, but I’ve changed my tune. With a ratified standard, and 802.11b interoperability, I’ve become a big fan of the 54Mbps wireless networking scheme. Even Cisco and Microsoft have released 802.11g products, so you know it’s here for good. Via []Continue Reading

Broadcom To Jump The Gun On 802.11n

An emerging IEEE standard that promises Fast Ethernet speeds for wireless LANs won’t likely be ratified before late 2005, but as with previous WLAN protocols, Broadcom Corp. is planning to jump the gun by releasing “prestandard” products. Via []Continue Reading

First Dual-band 802.11a/g Device Hits Market

Broadcom has unveiled what it claims is the industry’s first dual-band wireless local area network (Lan) device capable of operating on both the 802.11a and 802.11g standards. Via []Continue Reading