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Atheros Sinks Teeth Into Bluetooth

Atheros has rolled out the new Atheros AR3011, the company’s first Radio-on-Chip for Mobile (ROCm) product for shorter-range wireless technology, which is normally used in cell phones. But the chip, according to Srinivas Pattamatta, senior product marketing manager for mobile and embedded products at Atheros, is intended primarily for PCs and not mobile handsets. PattamattaContinue Reading

Atheros And Broadcom Combine Over 802.11n

Speed may be the goal, but interoperability is the number one concern among 802.11n vendors and user-hopefuls. The 802.11n standard is hoped to achieve markedly faster transmission speeds with higher quality at longer distances and with less interference. Unfortunately, current 802.11n draft-compliant products have tested at less than desired levels, even coming short of resultsContinue Reading

China’s Native Wireless Standard May Be Atheros Gain

The Chinese government is expected to officially recommend on February 1 that local organizations that receive funding by its Ministry of Information should buy wireless equipment based on a domestic wireless network standard. Via []Continue Reading

Atheros Moves On 802.11n

Atheros Communications Inc. today announced the launch of its XSPAN family of wireless LAN technologies for 802.11n, based on a triple-radio RF design. Via []Continue Reading

Atheros, QuickLogic Combine For WLAN Connectivity

QuickLogic and Atheros Communications have jointly developed an 802.11 a/b/g connectivity platform linking the former’s uWatt Programmable Bridges and Atheros’ WLAN chipsets. Via []Continue Reading

Atheros Debuts Single-chip 802.11g Access Point

Atheros Communications has combined a network processor with an 802.11g wireless LAN radio, baseband and media access control to realize the first single-chip 802.11g access point. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Goes International

Wi-Fi, often accused of being dominated by U.S. thinking, is now going global as new wireless standards adapt to the needs of Japan and Europe. They give the original 802.11 standard a facelift, updating the technology in the face of new concerns overseas. Via []Continue Reading

Tri-band Chip Gives WLAN Kit Flexibility

Wireless silicon firm Atheros last week announced the first single-chip system for tri-band wireless LANs. The AR5006X will enable 802.11a/b/g networking to be integrated into a wider range of kit, including adapters, laptops and handheld devices. Via []Continue Reading

Atheros Launches Single-Chip 802.11a/b/g

Atheros Communications Inc. today announced the first complete single-chip IEEE 802.11a/b/g WLAN solution, the Atheros AR5006X. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Chipmaker Warns On Profits, Revenues

Wireless networking chip specialist Atheros Communications, Inc. has warned that sales for its third quarter ended September 30 will be between $4million to $5 million below the guidance it gave back in July. Via []Continue Reading

Netgear Taps Atheros For 108-Mbit WiFi Router Design

Netgear has tapped Atheros’ wireless LAN (WLAN) technology to develop a wireless router that operates in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands and delivers a peak data rate of 108-Mbit/s. Via []Continue Reading

Atheros Goes Multimedia With MIMO

Sampling to customers today — but months from production or actual products — Atheros Communications announced this week a new chip targeting products that will transport multimedia and video over wireless. It’s also the company’s first chip to use smart antenna technology. Via []Continue Reading

Single-component 802.11g Chip Enters Mass Production

A wireless networking chip from Atheros that combines what usually takes three parts into one component should cut costs, size and power consumption. Via []Continue Reading

Two WLAN Chipmakers Claim 802.11 Speedups

Two chipmakers, Agere Systems and Atheros Communications, Monday said they have tweaked the 802.11 standard to increase WLAN speed. Via []Continue Reading

Atheros To Release Single-chip 802.11g Product

Atheros Communications will release a single-chip 802.11g product in the second quarter that lowers the cost of placing that technology in notebooks or personal digital assistants (PDAs), Atheros said Monday. Via []Continue Reading