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‘Push To Talk’ Meets Wi-Fi

Cellular carriers are creating “push to talk” services that travel over Wi-Fi networks, federal regulators say–a move that could expand the one-push cell phone calls to VoIP systems. Via []Continue Reading

FCC Report And Order To Create New 2495-2690 MHz Band

The FCC has recently issue a Report and Order (R&O) which will restructure the 2500-2690 MHz Band to create two new services: BRS (Broadband Radio Service) and EDS (Educational Broadband Service).Continue Reading

Intel: Spectrum Is The New Frontier

Intel’s vision of an always-connected planet is coming up against finite wireless spectrum, and enterprise had better hope it breaks through or risk spending ten times as much for WiMAX. Via []Continue Reading

AT&T Unveils New Form Of Wi-Fi

Michael Powell, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, made a phone call Wednesday. But it wasn’t just any call. He made it using a broadband connection carried over power lines — a technology being developed by AT&T that also provides a high-speed Internet connection over power lines. Via []Continue Reading

Airlines Win Wi-Fi Management Battle With Airports

Airlines won a key battle in their fight with airports over control of the Wi-Fi spectrum yesterday when the Federal Communications Commission ruled that it — and not local authorities — has “exclusive jurisdiction” over the use of unlicensed spectrum. Via []Continue Reading

Commission Staff Clarifies FCC’s Role Regarding Radio Interference Matters

The FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) releases this Public Notice in response to questions from the public regarding the use of unlicensed devices, including customer antennas, especially in the context of a variety of multi-tenant environments (MTEs).Continue Reading

FCC Posts GSM, Wi-Fi iPaq Specs

Full details of HP’s iPaq h6300 PocketPC phone have been posted on the Federal Communications Commission’s web site. Via []Continue Reading

FCC Opens 2.5 GHz Spectrum For Wireless Broadband

The Federal Communications Commission today opened a huge swath of spectrum for wireless broadband services, creating incentives for businesses to invest in a third digital pipe to homes and businesses across the country. Via []Continue Reading

Groups Debate Wireless Spectrum Plans

Those with a vested interest in the future of wireless broadband met here to discuss plans to improve spectrum use and to make way for the wider adoption of the technology. Via []Continue Reading

Powell: Wireless Vital To Broadband Future

The Federal Communications Commission is stepping up efforts to establish wireless as a viable broadband option to cable and DSL in order to make high-speed Internet access available to all Americans by 2007. Via []Continue Reading

FCC May Let Wi-Fi Go Between TV Signals

Despite the objections of TV broadcasters, the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday is expected to propose allowing unlicensed wireless services to use vacant airwaves between TV stations. Via []Continue Reading

FCC Hones In On Wireless Broadband

The FCC has pulled together a group of experts from its ranks to look into how future wireless broadband access rules should be crafted. Via []Continue Reading

Make Room For Wireless Broadband

Spectrum changes that would make fast, cheap wireless broadband Internet service a reality can’t come fast enough. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Broadband May Get More Spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday said it was willing to create additional unlicensed spectrum so wireless broadband service providers can more quickly spread high-speed Internet connections into rural areas. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Powwow Takes Aim At Spectrum

With the boom in Wi-Fi growing by the day, Silicon Valley executives seized the chance on Monday to make sure that Uncle Sam will make the right policy moves for the wireless future. Via []Continue Reading