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Apple Eyes The Wireless Auction

The upcoming wireless auction may be drawing another high roller. BusinessWeek has reported that Apple is looking at the possibilities of a purchase. It’s believed that this chunk of wireless spectrum is the last available for creating a mainstream broadband network. It’s believed that signals in this 700Mhz spectrum will be able to provide fasterContinue Reading

Google Launches US Wireless Crusade

Google is looking to offer 95% of the population free broadband within the next 10 years. Unfortunately, it seems that the FCC is thwarting their efforts. Google has contacted the FCC and explained to them their interest in a wireless proposal set forth by M2Z Networks. M2Z is hoping to lease an unused slice ofContinue Reading

700MHz Auction: What’s Really Up For Grabs, And Why It Won’t Be Monopolized

The FCC’s latest release may actually become this year’s top read. The rules for the upcoming 700 MHz auction is apparently riveting and controversial. One large chunk of spectrum has a number of open access conditions attached to it while the other requires bidders be active in the public/private public safety network. But the newContinue Reading

Google’s Long Shot In Wireless

Google has a vision of the future and it looks pretty good. Their goal is to make all cellphones compatible with any wireless network and internet access will be sold to customers at deeply discounted prices. In fact, Google is so devoted to this vision that it’s willing to throw $4.6 billion toward transforming primeContinue Reading

New Superfast Wireless Broadband Device Prototype Submitted To FCC

The White Space Coalition has developed and submitted another prototype to the FCC. The Coalition is made up of computer giants like Dell, EarthLink, Google, HP, Intel, Microsoft and Philips Electronics and they are looking to harness the unused television spectrum to provide wireless broadband. The FCC’s largest concern with this leap forward in Wi-FiContinue Reading

Court Backs FCC In VoIP Case

The FCC’s decision stands. A three-judge panel of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in Minnesota agreed with the 2004 FCC decision that companies, such as Vonage, provide interstate services, which put them out of an individual state’s control. This decision and its reaffirmation is mainly focused on Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, whichContinue Reading

Skype Asks FCC To Open Up Cellular Networks

Skype has filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission to remove restrictions by wireless phone carriers on the kind of software communications applications that their subscribers want to use. The company requested the agency to apply the “Carterfone” decision to the wireless industry. The said rule permits consumers to connect any device to aContinue Reading

FCC: Boston Airport Can’t Block Airline’s Wi-Fi

The Federal Communications Commission has released its ruling in a case involving Continental Airlines and the Massachusetts Port Authority. In July, the airline filed a petition with the agency after Massport ordered it to take down a Wi-Fi access point at its “President’s Club” frequent-flier lounge in Boston’s Logan International Airport, citing violations of Continental’sContinue Reading

FCC Pushes WIMax OK For Katrina Victims, Intel Supplies The Hardware

A group of wireless internet providers along with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Emergency Management Agency, have decided to jointly work and install WiMax technology at an evacuation shelter and other locations recently devastated by Katrina hurricane. The joint exercise is an effort to expeditiously restore the communication network in the affected area.Continue Reading

Bountiful Quadruples Wi-Fi Router Range

According to company officials, the new wireless router expands the wireless range of traditional routers by two to four times by operating at the highest power level currently allowed by the FCC for wireless routers. Via []Continue Reading

FCC: Competition, Not Regulation Will Encourage Wireless Broadband

An FCC task force Thursday issued a series of recommendations to encourage development of wireless broadband services, saying the FCC should rely on competition and not regulation. Via []Continue Reading

FCC Aims To Boost Airborne Wireless, Internet

U.S. airline travelers may be able to use their mobile telephones as well as get high-speed Internet service while in the air under plans launched by U.S. communications regulators on Wednesday. Via []Continue Reading

FCC Further Deregulates Net Calls

The nation’s top telephone regulators on Tuesday further deregulated Internet phone services. Via []Continue Reading

Regulators, Cities, Business Converge On Wireless Broadband

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has twice in the last month moved to make broadcast spectrum available for advanced wireless services. At the same time, several cities have announced wireless initiatives, and companies have begun to shape themselves to be wireless broadband providers on the model of the cellular telephone industry. Via []Continue Reading

Supporters Of Community Wireless Networks Gather To Develop National Strategy

This weekend, community wireless network developers and technology experts from across the country plan to gather here for the first National Summit of Community Wireless Networks to share their ideas and plot strategy. Via []Continue Reading