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Handset Makers Tout Wi-Fi, GSM Roaming Spec

Fourteen mobile phone makers, telcos and others announced their intention to publish specifications that they claim will allow 802.11-equipped handsets to make calls via Wi-Fi hotspots. Via []Continue Reading

Rogers To Bundle Wi-Fi Hotspot Access With Cell Plans

Rogers Wireless Inc., which announced its EDGE high-speed data service Tuesday, plans to bundle Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) hotspot access with its personal communications service (PCS) rate plans. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Unveils Wi-Fi PDA-phone

T-Mobile has revealed that it is indeed planning to offer a third incarnation of its MDA (Mobile Digital Assistant) PocketPC-based phone that will feature a QWERTY keyboard and Wi-Fi support. Via []Continue Reading

FCC Posts GSM, Wi-Fi iPaq Specs

Full details of HP’s iPaq h6300 PocketPC phone have been posted on the Federal Communications Commission’s web site. Via []Continue Reading

Paris Metro Firm To Run Wi-Fi Buses

Wireless Internet access will soon move beyond railways and onto the roads if RATP, the company which runs the Paris Metro and the capital’s bus services, has its way. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Buys

Wireless service providers are finally launching high-speed third-generation networks after years of delay. 3G lets you use your laptop or cell phone to download and swap big files like games, photographs and even short video clips. Via []Continue Reading

Quicker Embrace Of GSM Would Help Stateside Wi-Fi

Phones based on the Global System for Mobile Communications, already popular in Europe, use the Subscriber Identity Module to resolve billing among many networks. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Roams Where You Want To

Simplified wireless hotspot access offered by new global roaming platform. Via []Continue Reading

Intel Launches Wi-Fi Brokering Service

Intel, unhappy with the fragmented nature of the wireless Internet market, has brokered the launch of a new company – RoamPoint – which aims to bring GSM-style roaming to Wi-Fi hotspots. Via []Continue Reading

SIM Authentication For WiFi’s Tested

Tatara Systems says that the company’s SIM-based Wi-Fi authentication, roaming and service delivery solutions have been proven in a real-world environment. Tatara’s SIM-based authentication solutions facilitate easier authentication and delivery of enhanced services to wireless users roaming between wireless local area networks (LANs) and wireless wide area networks (WANs). Via []Continue Reading

Intel Plans For Mobile Wireless Future

In a wide-ranging interview, an Intel executive lays out the company’s vision for getting laptops online anywhere – not to mention extending battery life. Via []Continue Reading

2004 Is Crunch Time For Wireless Data

Growing numbers of Wi-Fi enabled laptops, GPRS and 3G mobile handsets will make 2004 a breakthrough year for wireless data use, according to Ovum. Via []Continue Reading

Bringing SIM Authentication To 802.11-enabled Mobile PCs

Mobility Network Systems reports that its unifying client connection management software now works with the AirCard 750 GSM/GPRS wireless network card from Sierra Wireless Inc. Once the downloadable software has been installed on a user’s PC, it automatically sniffs out available Wi-Fi network “hotspots.” Or in the absence of a hotspot, it can connect toContinue Reading

Trio Tackles Wireless Roaming

Motorola Inc., Avaya Inc. and Proxim Corp. on Tuesday announced plans to collaborate on devices and supporting software and hardware that can roam between cell phone networks and wireless LANs without interruption. Via []Continue Reading

Launching: Mobile Operator Wireless LAN

Agere Systems and Proxim Corporation have both entered into strategic partnerships with Swedish mobile solutions provider Ericsson in an effort to push Wi-Fi-based public access hotspots into the mainstream. The goal of the Ericsson Mobile Operator Wireless LAN: to integrate hotspots with mobile 2G and 3G cellular networks and allow roaming between the two typesContinue Reading