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Vonage And Linksys Now Offering Bundle

Vonage and Linksys have announced the availability of a Wireless-G Broadband Router with 2 phone ports bundled with Vonage’s service.Continue Reading

Linksys Brings VoIP To European Home Users

Linksys is working with telecoms operators to offer its Voice over IP (VoIP) adaptors to home users in Europe. Via []Continue Reading

Linksys Goes Dual-Band On Wi-Fi

With its eyes on the future of home entertainment and a relatively uncluttered band of radio spectrum, Cisco Systems’ Linksys division on Wednesday unveiled a line of IEEE 802.11g/a wireless LAN products. Via []Continue Reading

Linksys & Cisco Still Top Wi-Fi Vendors

While predicting “solid second quarter growth” of Wi-Fi adoption by consumers and enterprises, Cisco and its wholly-owned subsidiary Linksys were named as the top WLAN vendors for both home and office, according to ABI Research. D-Link and Netgear came in second and third respectively in the consumer space, while Symbol Technologies and Proxim rounded outContinue Reading

Linksys Preparing 802.11g CompactFlash Card

Linksys has revealed plans to market an 802.11g CompactFlash card, making it the first company to announce such a product. Via []Continue Reading

A Wireless Third Eye

How often could you use an extra eye on something important? Security cameras are built for just such a task, but they can be costly and difficult to install because they usually require a hardwired connection. Via []Continue Reading

Entertaining Possibilities

The power, storage capacity, and flexibility of PCs make them perfect multimedia repositories—unless you actually want to enjoy your collected content. Somehow, spending the evening hunched over a computer just doesn’t have the same appeal as lounging on the sofa with your favorite tall, cool beverage. Multimedia receivers can free your entertainment from its shackles.Continue Reading

Security Bug In Linksys Wireless-G Router

A security bypass flaw in a popular wireless broadband router shipped by Cisco’s Linksys unit could give malicious hackers administrative access to vulnerable devices, researchers warned on Wednesday. Via []Continue Reading

Linksys, Boingo Ease Wi-Fi Hot-spot Setup

Small businesses can now turn on Wi-Fi hot spots to compete with better-known rivals without the hassle of setting up the whole service themselves, according to Cisco Systems Inc.’s Linksys division and Boingo Wireless Inc., which on Wednesday announced what they call Hot Spot in a Box. Via []Continue Reading

Linksys Boosts 802.11g Wi-Fi Speeds

Linksys on Monday announced a new line of 802.11g Wi-Fi products, including a router, a notebook adapter, and a PCI-based wireless adapter for desktops, that promises to boost wireless performance in home and small business WLANs by as much as 35 percent. Via []Continue Reading

Linksys Clarifies Netgear Comms Breakdown

Linksys has hit back at the Computing Which? report suggesting that the company’s Wireless-G router failed to communicate with Netgear’s Wi-Fi bridge during testing at Which? offices. Linksys corporate communications manager, Karen Sohl, says the publication is wrong if it suggests that there’s any standards failure by Linksys. Via []Continue Reading

Linksys Falls Off Wi-Fi Bridge

The Wi-Fi Alliance won’t like this: a simple compatibility test of two mainstream wireless devices by Computing Which? failed to get a Netgear bridge to talk to a Linksys router. Via []Continue Reading

CeBIT Promises Linksys 11g Goodies

Gadget-hungry punters will not be disappointed to discover that Linksys will use CeBIT to unveil a range of 11g wireless routers to exploit the Broadcom 802.11g chip set. Via []Continue Reading

Round-up: 802.11g-based USB 2.0 Adapters

It took a while, but 802.11g-based USB adapters are now available from most vendors. In this mini-roundup, we’ll look at USB 2.0 offerings from four major vendors–Buffalo Technology, D-Link, IOGear, Linksys, and Netgear. Via []Continue Reading

Linksys Previews Wireless Gear

Linksys Group is readying the launch of an 802.11g wireless print server, an 802.11g USB adapter, and its first Bluetooth product. Via []Continue Reading