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Vonage Requests Retrial In Verizon Patent Dispute

Vonage has petitioned the U.S. Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit to defer its appeal and order a retrial of its patent dispute with Verizon. The company cited the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the KSR International v. Teleflex suit, which stated that the current test for patent obviousness is too stiff for suspect patentsContinue Reading

Vonage Shares Plunge On Bankruptcy Fears

Vonage has publicly admitted that it may be on the brink of bankruptcy. They blame the cost of fighting several patent lawsuits for their financial troubles as they report their shares have dropped another 6 percent. Since Vonage went public last May at $17 per share they have lost over 80 percent of their valueContinue Reading

Which Verizon Patents Did Vonage Violate?

Vonage was found guilty of violating three of Verizon’s business method patents. Two of the patents define VoIP traffic and how it’s handled on traditional Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN). The third patent covers the spectrum from wireline to Wi-Fi VoIP support. Via []Continue Reading

Coming Up: Vonage Wireless?

VoIP startup Vonage announced plans to begin offering dual-mode handsets with support for both cellular and Wi-Fi access during the second half of the year. This is the latest in a series of steps taken by the company as part of its diversification strategy. It is selling V-Phone — a VoIP phone in a stickContinue Reading

Vonage Gets WiFi Coverage For WiFi Phones In UK

Vonage users in the U.K. can now make free phone calls so long as they are within The Cloud hotspot. If they however wander outside the coverage, the calls will be dropped off. Vonage Managing Director Kerry Ritz deemed the new service “a wake-up call for the telecoms market,” as “it’s saying there’s really aContinue Reading

Vonage To Sell Wi-Fi Phone

Vonage will announce Tuesday the availability of its long-anticipated portable Wi-Fi phone that will let people use the company’s IP telephony when they’re connected to any public hot spot. Via []Continue Reading

Vonage, WiMax Provider Team Up

TowerStream, a provider of high-speed Internet services using cutting-edge WiMax technology, has teamed with Internet telephony giant Vonage in one of the first co-marketing agreements of its kind. Via []Continue Reading

Vonage, Cisco Team Up In Wi-Fi Giveaway

In a bid to attract more subscribers, Net phone operator Vonage announced Monday that it’s giving away Linksys Wi-Fi access points to U.S. residents who sign up for Vonage calling plans by July 23. Via []Continue Reading

VoIP: Vonage To Go Mobile

Vonage, a provider of internet-based calling services, is testing wireless routers – a sign the company is on the verge of debuting a mobile offering. Via []Continue Reading

Vonage Announces WiFi Phone Release

New Jersey-based VoIP provider Vonage announced today that it will soon be offering its subscribers a WiFi telephone that can be used to make calls over the internet at WiFi-enabled homes and public hot-spots. Via []Continue Reading

Vonage And Linksys Now Offering Bundle

Vonage and Linksys have announced the availability of a Wireless-G Broadband Router with 2 phone ports bundled with Vonage’s service.Continue Reading

VoIP Unplugged, As Wi-Fi Meets Net Phoning

Two major VoIP providers took steps Monday to further unwire Net-based phoning, traditionally a service tethered by wires. Via []Continue Reading