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Broadcom Puts WiFi, Bluetooth And FM On Wireless Chip

Broadcom has unveiled BCM4325, a chip that supports WiFi, Bluetooth and FM radio. With the use of proprietary “InConcert” algorithms, the chip is able to address interference issues between Bluetooth and WiFi. Such problems normally happen in the past when radios operate in the same spectrum — both Bluetooth and WiFi tap the 2.4GHz band.Continue Reading

Atheros Sinks Teeth Into Bluetooth

Atheros has rolled out the new Atheros AR3011, the company’s first Radio-on-Chip for Mobile (ROCm) product for shorter-range wireless technology, which is normally used in cell phones. But the chip, according to Srinivas Pattamatta, senior product marketing manager for mobile and embedded products at Atheros, is intended primarily for PCs and not mobile handsets. PattamattaContinue Reading

IBM’s WPAN Chipset Aims To Replace High-Def Cables, Bluetooth

The breakthrough bipolar CMOS (BiCMOS) chip announced today by IBM at the International Solid State Circuits Conference may be exactly what the IEEE had in mind when it convened task force 802.15.3c in March of last year. But the chip that would make it possible for high-definition CE devices to stream content between each otherContinue Reading

Bluetooth Set To Take Over Wireless From Wi-Fi…

The IEEE has abandoned its effort to create a UWB standard, but has agreed on a draft for the next generation of WiFi, 802.11n. The conventional wisdom is that this week’s events are great news for Wi-Fi, and a disaster for Ultra-Wide Band, UWB, and by association, Bluetooth. In fact, the exact opposite is likelyContinue Reading

Pharos Introduces GPS Pocket PC With Wi-Fi And Bluetooth

Pharos Science & Applications, Inc. introduced the Pharos Traveler GPS 525, the first Pocket GPS to include WiFi, Bluetooth, and Windows Mobile 5.0 software. The device is also among the smallest integrated wireless GPS devices in the industry. Via []Continue Reading

Bluetooth To Unify Wireless Functionalities

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is planning to co-operate more closely with the Wi-Fi, Ultra-wideband (UWB) and Near Field Communications (NFC) wireless standards. Via []Continue Reading

Snowboarders Stay Connected With Wireless Winter Wear

Embarking on a long term wireless integration collaboration, Burton Snowboards and Motorola Inc. recently revealed plans to launch a collection of Bluetooth-enabled winter gear for snowboarding tech types that want to stay connected. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Fight For Bandwidth

WLAN (wireless LAN) using the WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) IEEE 802.11b/g protocol is becoming standard in PCs and laptop computers, and it is making its way into PDAs and other portable data appliances. At the same time, Bluetooth is arising as a wireless-serial-cable replacement for headsets and microphones in all kinds of mobile-system applications. They areContinue Reading

Bluetooth Killers

I have a serious case of Bluetooth envy. My wife came home with a new Motorola cell phone with Bluetooth, which uses radio links to transfer data. With a Bluetooth chip buried in her car stereo, she can make and take calls, hands-free, while driving — even with the phone still in her handbag. ViaContinue Reading

Wireless Carriers Getting Behind Converged WiFi-Bluetooth

Network equipment maker Alcatel said it will offer network operators access to the technology, which in turn will enable them to offer subscribers a broader range of choices for accessing various mobile services, including mobile voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) calling, data services and mobile commerce. Via []Continue Reading

Bluetooth, UWB Groups Mesh Efforts

The hodgepodge of incompatible wireless networking technologies is about to get a bit smaller, as companies working on Bluetooth and ultrawideband are combining their efforts. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Lans Point To Bluetooth Decay

Bluetooth will be killed off by wireless Lan technology, according to research released today by Analysys. Via []Continue Reading

Stepping Out Of Shadows Of WiFi

Bluetooth — a short-range wireless technology — is finally coming of age. Via []Continue Reading

Bluetooth Road Map Ups Data Rates, Lowers Power

In an attempt to dispel concerns about the technology’s future, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group this week will unveil its road map out to 2006. Via []Continue Reading

Intel To Combine Wi-Fi, Bluetooth In Centrino 2

Intel plans to integrate Bluetooth onto its next-generation Wi-Fi sub-system, it has emerged. Via []Continue Reading