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Ofcom Spectrum Auction To Spark UK Mobile WiMax Scramble

Mobile WiMax is set to begin a battle with Wi-Fi and 3G networks in the UK. Nortel is pairing with Urban WiMax and Macropolitan to lead the way in this new venture. The companies recently held a conference between the UK, Canada and the US using this technology on their laptops. Other trials are expectedContinue Reading

Ofcom Auction Opens Door To Mobile WiMAX, TV

Ofcom is due to auction frequencies that will enable a range of services such as mobile WiMAX, mobile TV, and alternative 3G networks. The British communications regulator plans to put up three bands — 2500-2690 MHz, 2010-2025 MHz and 2290-2300 MHz and in total 215 MHz — for public sale and has sought proposals fromContinue Reading

Ofcom Loses The 4G Signal

Ofcom is exploring the possibility of auctioning off radio spectrum that could be utilized for 4G mobile services. At the moment, no one can define 4G and the adoption of 3G in the U.K. remains minimal. Since the £22.5 billion auction in 2000, 3G has only attracted 4.5 million users or equivalent to £5,000 perContinue Reading