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Verizon Opens Up, Will Support Any Device, Any App On Its Network

Verizon has joined the bandwagon and announced a new open access plan for its network. This plan will go into effect next year and means any application can run on any device from any manufacturer and will have full access to the Verizon spectrum. Verizon representatives say this move was prompted by two different motives,Continue Reading

Google May Get Its Open-access Wishes After All; Will Bid In 700MHz Auction

The much anticipated 700MHz spectrum auction in January officially has another bidder. Google has announced that it will toss its hat in the ring. A Google representative says that the company’s goal is to offer American consumers more choices in an open and competitive wireless world. Officially, Google doesn’t have to announce its plans untilContinue Reading

Apple Eyes The Wireless Auction

The upcoming wireless auction may be drawing another high roller. BusinessWeek has reported that Apple is looking at the possibilities of a purchase. It’s believed that this chunk of wireless spectrum is the last available for creating a mainstream broadband network. It’s believed that signals in this 700Mhz spectrum will be able to provide fasterContinue Reading

Google Launches US Wireless Crusade

Google is looking to offer 95% of the population free broadband within the next 10 years. Unfortunately, it seems that the FCC is thwarting their efforts. Google has contacted the FCC and explained to them their interest in a wireless proposal set forth by M2Z Networks. M2Z is hoping to lease an unused slice ofContinue Reading

Ofcom Spectrum Auction To Spark UK Mobile WiMax Scramble

Mobile WiMax is set to begin a battle with Wi-Fi and 3G networks in the UK. Nortel is pairing with Urban WiMax and Macropolitan to lead the way in this new venture. The companies recently held a conference between the UK, Canada and the US using this technology on their laptops. Other trials are expectedContinue Reading