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Souped-up Wi-Fi Is On The Horizon

Super high-speed wireless data networks could soon be in use in the UK. Via []Continue Reading

Speed The Feed

The long sought after dream of the digitally connected home will have the best chance yet in 2005, thanks to some wireless technologies coming of age. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless USB Standard Pledged By Year’s End

The wireless replacement for USB, ultra wide-band (UWB), will be ready by late December and without the formal approval of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a leading group promoting the revolutionary technology has promised. Via []Continue Reading

Will Ultra Wideband Survive?

Late September’s Ultrawideband World conference in San Jose, California brought concrete evidence that a new breed of wireless technology will result in real products in 2005. Ultra wideband (UWB) has powerful backers, but it faces substantial challenges from new strains of Wi-Fi technology, especially 802.11n. Via []Continue Reading

Intel Outlines Wireless USB Security

Hosler, speaking at Intel’s second annual R and D Day event, says the company wants Wireless USB to replace USB for very short-range networks. Companies want to make it as widespread in the home and office as USB is today, he says. Wireless can be snooped, so assuring privacy and security are essential to achieveContinue Reading

Ultrawideband Heralds Zippier Wireless Connections

Think of it as Wi-Fi on steroids. On its way to U.S. living rooms and maybe even automobiles is a new type of high-speed wireless connection that promises downloaded data rates of up to 1 gigabit per second — roughly 18.5 times the speed of Wi-Fi — to personal computers and other devices. Via []Continue Reading

ZigBee In Danger Of Falling Apart

The domination of the 802.16 process by a handful of vendors is often criticized, but at least it has resulted in a measure of unity that is looking increasingly enviable as the other key IEEE wireless efforts fall prey to dangerous fragmentation, which could significantly devalue the role of the standards body itself. We haveContinue Reading

UWB Stretches Further

Two years in, and the battle for an Ultra Wideband standard still looms over the semi industry. The technology, a short range wireless form of connectivity often compared to the IEEE’s 802.11 family of wireless LAN, has been tossed and twirled about, but has yet to see final standardization. Via []Continue Reading

Ultrawideband Takes On Wi-Fi

Capable of zapping data many times faster than the common home networking technology, ultrawideband is moving closer to commercial reality. Now there’s just that pesky fight over standards to resolve. Via []Continue Reading

802.11n Beats UWB For Home Media, Analyst Predicts

The forthcoming 802.11n WLAN standard will eventually beat out ultra-wideband (UWB) as the primary standard for wireless home entertainment networks, according to a study released Tuesday (June 29). Via []Continue Reading

Wi-LAN OFDM Patent Threat Stirs UWB Camps

Wi-LAN Inc.’s announcement this week that it would be it would be escalating its patent-enforcement program by commencing legal action against Cisco Systems sent messages flying between members of two ultrawideband communications camps over whether or not similar action loomed there as well. Via []Continue Reading

Is UWB Just A Flash In The Pan?

New radio link is expected to challenge Bluetooth in the ‘Personal area network’ – but could also prove a better bet than Wi-fi for home and office networks. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless LAN Braintrust Defecting To UWB As Shakeout Looms

Calling ultrawideband technology “the next frontier of wireless,” Matthew Shoemake is leaving his post as chair of the nascent IEEE 802.11n high-rate wireless LAN task group to head the latest UWB startup, WiQuest. Via []Continue Reading

Motorola Buys Wireless Chipmaker

The purchase could give Motorola a head start in bringing to market fast wireless-broadband technology. Via []Continue Reading

Moving Towards Ultra-Wideband (One Chip At A Time)

Royal Philips Electronics and General Atomics (GA) Monday said they will work together to jointly develop Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless communication chipsets and support the standardization process. Via []Continue Reading