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Icron’s Wireless USB Hub Is Pricey

Icron Technologies unveiled its maiden wireless USB hub, which it will sell for $395.00. Icron chief executive Robert Eisses expects the product to be popular despite the price. “We sell a CAT-5 USB extender for $695. We sell a lot of them. We expect to sell a lot of these, too,” he said. WiRanger CableContinue Reading

WiMedia UWB Becomes A Standard, Opening Door For 480Mbps Wireless USB

That web of wires behind your computer and under your desk may soon become a thing of the past. Once WiMedia’s Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology and Wireless USB products based on WiMedia UWB hit the market. Which could happen in the very near future. UWB has finally become a standard technology as the International OrganizationContinue Reading

Wireless USB Ready For Testing

The USB Implementers Forum has launched the Certified Wireless USB Compliance and Certification Program, which will allow vendors to have their UWB-based Wireless USB products certified for product interoperability. Although vendors can perform self-tests, they must submit their products for testing to a Certified Wireless USB test lab before they get certification. Intel’s Wireless USBContinue Reading

Wireless USB’s Coming Out Party

The Certified Wireless USB is now ready to hit the market. This was the overall message of a recent conference on the technology. The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) also said the next-generation Certified Wireless USB Peripheral Development Kit (PDK) is now complete. This cheaper, fresh model provides new features and is expected to be availableContinue Reading

Wireless USB Vs. Cable-Free USB

It appears there will be yet another battle for domination between 2 competing technologies. This time it is over the future of Wireless USB. Intel is not showing of thier WiMedia technology for personal area networks, and Belkin is pushing thier CableFree USB technologies which do the same thing, but are not interoperable with WiMedia.Continue Reading

Seagate To Demo Wireless USB Hard Drive

Seagate Technology will demonstrate an external hard drive connected to the PC via Wireless USB ultrawideband, the company said Monday. Via []Continue Reading

UWB Derails, Wi-Fi On Track

Two critical decisions at last week’s IEEE 802 meeting in Waikoloa, Hawaii, underscore the different paths possible when implementation choices appear to be at loggerheads. Because the 802.15.3a effort to develop a common ultrawideband standard could find no common ground between the multiband-OFDM and direct-sequence groups, the project authorization request was officially abandoned. Via []Continue Reading

USB Cable Meets Wireless Nemesis

A cable outfit says it has come up with the technology to kill off the Universal Serial Bus cable. Via []Continue Reading

Bluetooth To Unify Wireless Functionalities

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is planning to co-operate more closely with the Wi-Fi, Ultra-wideband (UWB) and Near Field Communications (NFC) wireless standards. Via []Continue Reading

Bluetooth Killers

I have a serious case of Bluetooth envy. My wife came home with a new Motorola cell phone with Bluetooth, which uses radio links to transfer data. With a Bluetooth chip buried in her car stereo, she can make and take calls, hands-free, while driving — even with the phone still in her handbag. ViaContinue Reading

US Military Takes Aim At Secure Wireless

US researchers have developed a secure wireless Ultra Wideband (UWB) data communication network that can be used to help monitor US Air Force bases and Department of Energy nuclear facilities, in addition to wirelessly controlling remotely operated weapons systems. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless USB Spec Opened To Adopters

Wireless USB took a big leap towards standardization — and its seven major proponents hope towards market adoption — with the release of a version 1 specification. Via []Continue Reading

Bluetooth, UWB Groups Mesh Efforts

The hodgepodge of incompatible wireless networking technologies is about to get a bit smaller, as companies working on Bluetooth and ultrawideband are combining their efforts. Via []Continue Reading

The Battle For Your Automated Home: Insteon, ZigBee, And Z-Wave

Insteon, ZigBee, and Z-Wave. They sound more like comic book characters than wireless home-automation standards. But chances are you’ll see products using one or all of them at your home improvement store in the next year or two. Unlike other wireless home-network technologies, such as 802.11, Bluetooth, and UWB, these three are narrowband. Their dataContinue Reading

Ultra Fast Wi-Fi Nears Completion

Ultra high speed wi-fi connections moved closer to reality on Thursday when Intel said it would list standards for the technology later this year. Via []Continue Reading