Will 802.11n Change Your World?

Last Thursday, the IEEE announced that the 802.11n Task Group (TGn) had approved a draft of what may be the most significant new standard to come out of IEEE in the past 10 years. Based largely on a specification developed by the Enhanced Wireless Consortium (EWC), an association of leading network silicon developers, the proposal, which required a 75 percent vote for passage, garnered 184 votes affirmative and 0 votes opposed, with 4 abstentions. Airgo, the inventor of the MIMO magic on which 11n is based, voted in support of this “compromise” that was made necessary when TGn was divided between competing proposals despite the fact that the draft represents a clear failure in its longstanding effort to influence the details of the final standard. Airgo still stands to reap some licensing fees from its invention, but the company’s leadership position in the MIMO WLAN chip market has been dealt a serious blow.
Via [commsdesign.com]

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