WiFi Eyes The Empty Airwaves

Michael Calabrese, a vice-president at the New America Foundation, has proposed opening up “white space” or unused spectrum between TV channels to boost the availability and coverage of WiFi in the U.S. Calabrese argued that “white space” provides “beachfront” spectrum, a low frequency spectrum ideal for WiFi, which needs to operate on very low power so as not to interfere with other wireless networks or devices like cordless phones. Calabrese believes this unused spectrum between TV channels is the “rocket fuel for broadband networking.” Technology firms support the plan — Intel’s studies reveal that “white space” boost WiFi signals — while the Federal Communications Commission is now studying the proposal and has solicited public comments on it. Large telecommunications companies opposed the proposal as they see it as a threat to their massive investments in 3G, cable and DSL services.
Via [businessweek.com]

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