WiFi Radiation Is Low-risk

A recent Times of London feature said concerns are increasing over health risks posed by exposure to WiFi radiation. The article is partly based on a report to the Irish Doctors Environmental Association affirming the existence of “a growing, consistent body of literature” suggesting that such kind of radiation causes distressing symptoms to WiFi users. But studies supporting the report are anecdotal and could only conclude a weak correlation with some of the alleged symptoms. Nonetheless, Sweden took the report seriously and declared the syndrome a disorder.

An earlier WiFi Net News report, however, indicates that the people who claimed they suffered the symptoms were those who were informed that they were exposed to radiation. A representative from the British Health Protection Authority has clarified that WiFi equipment only generate a tiny amount of signal when compared to that from cellphones. Considering that cellular networks are more pervasive, it would be safe to assume that WiFi presents only a slight health concern.
Via [arstechnica.com]

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