Boeing Kills ‘Dreamliner’ Wireless Network Plans

Boeing has dropped its plans to provide in-flight entertainment on its 787 “Dreamliner”, citing network weight and spectrum issues. According to company spokeswoman Lori Gunter, installation of the wireless network means additional 200 pounds per plane, or four times heavier than a wired network.

Boeing also failed to get authorization to tap certain wireless bands in some countries, making it difficult to deliver DVD-quality movies, which use massive amounts of bandwidth. Gunter did not name the countries that refuse to approve the company’s request but clarified that the U.S. is not among them. She said that the money for the venture’s research and development will not be wasted as this will be helpful in the deployment of a wired network.

Despite the development, Gunter said Boeing is going ahead with the scheduled maiden flight of Dreamliner in August.
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