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Boeing Kills ‘Dreamliner’ Wireless Network Plans

Boeing has dropped its plans to provide in-flight entertainment on its 787 “Dreamliner”, citing network weight and spectrum issues. According to company spokeswoman Lori Gunter, installation of the wireless network means additional 200 pounds per plane, or four times heavier than a wired network. Boeing also failed to get authorization to tap certain wireless bandsContinue Reading

Aeroplane Wi-Fi Could Fly Again

Panasonic announced it will offer wireless Internet service to airlines and the plan is to sell the service for $10 per flight. It is eyeing companies like Lufthansa, which used Boeing’s failed Connexion service. Panasonic strategic marketing director David Bruner said the firm is “determined to avoid one of the things that brought Connexion down”Continue Reading

Boeing Connexion Service Fails To Take Off

It appears airline passengers aren’t as eager for in-flight Wi-Fi as proponents thought they would be. Boeing, creator of Connexion in-flight Wi-Fi service, has put a hold on future expansion of the service and may even sell or terminate the program. Connexion currently offers wireless service onboard 72 extended-flight planes, but the fee of upContinue Reading