Dual-mode Service Won’t Interest US Consumers

Research firm Ovum expects the uptake of dual-mode phones to be minimal – only about 2 percent or 5.5 million people in the U.S. As such, it is urging equipment vendors and carriers to concentrate more on other opportunities for fixed-mobile convergence such as identity convergence and remote access. Identity convergence enables customers to keep the same phone number, e-mail address, and usernames/passwords regardless of their location or the device that they are using at the time. Remote access, meanwhile, allows users to control household devices like home security or DVR systems via their mobile phones.

In spite of Ovum’s warning, T-Mobile is proceeding with its @Home service, which lets subscribers to switch between cell and WiFi networks without having to change phones or phone numbers. The company started offering this service in select test markets during the latter part of last year.
Via [arstechnica.com]

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