Tesco Expands Into VoIP Market

Tesco has begun offering VoIP service, allowing subscribers to call each other for free. Calls, however, to U.K. landlines and select international destinations entail a fee of as little as 2p per minute while those to U.K. mobile numbers require payment of 10p per minute except for Hutchison 3G, which is costlier by 15p. Costs of international calls and services like 0845 numbers range from 10p to 30p depending on the destination country and whether the user is contacting a landline or mobile phone. Calls to satellite phones are the priciest, starting from £2.70 per minute to dial an Inmarsat phone in the Indian B area, to £60 per minute to ring a Thuraya phone. Tesco provides a headset and three handsets that plug into a PC one of these is a cordless variant – for the service.
Via [vnunet.com]

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