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Digital World: Divorce, VOIP syle

Is VoIP all it’s cracked up to be? Some users are finding problems with the system and have decided to forego the service entirely. Users have cited differences between their needs and the actual services they receive as being a major problem. A lack of a stable internet connection can make you miss calls evenContinue Reading

Vodafone To Be Sued For VoIP Blocking?

Vodafone is looking at some legal troubles for trying to stop VoIP. James Tagg, Chief Executive of Truphone claims that Vodafone is failing to meet interconnection obligations, blocking competitor websites and disabling internet telephony. He also claims that Vodafone blocks calls coming to their customers from people using Truphone services. Vodafone’s official stance is thatContinue Reading

Which Verizon Patents Did Vonage Violate?

Vonage was found guilty of violating three of Verizon’s business method patents. Two of the patents define VoIP traffic and how it’s handled on traditional Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN). The third patent covers the spectrum from wireline to Wi-Fi VoIP support. Via []Continue Reading

Bangladesh Stuck In Telecoms Jam

The VoIP sector in Bangladesh is under threat. The technology, though used widely in many countries around the world, is illegal in Bangladesh and will likely remain so as the government hopes to shield the state-owned telephone company, the Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board, from any competition. And its future becomes bleaker now that theContinue Reading

The Ins And Outs Of Using A Wi-Fi Smart Phone

Technology has now made gaps in cell phone coverage a thing of the past, that is if there is a Wi-Fi Hotspot nearby. Smart phones, complete with Wi-Fi capabilities are hitting the market, albeit slowly, and allow you to make VoIP phone calls, check email, read the latest news and other activities via the internet.Continue Reading

Court Backs FCC In VoIP Case

The FCC’s decision stands. A three-judge panel of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in Minnesota agreed with the 2004 FCC decision that companies, such as Vonage, provide interstate services, which put them out of an individual state’s control. This decision and its reaffirmation is mainly focused on Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, whichContinue Reading

EarthLink To Offer Wi-Fi Handsets

EarthLink has a new Wi-Fi phone, which may be hitting the market this summer. Currently in beta tests, the phone will let you make calls over the Internet through wireless broadband connections. To push this initiative along, EarthLink has been working with a number of cities to establish municipal Wi-Fi networks. The EarthLink phone andContinue Reading

Qualcomm Reveals New EV-DO Chipset For VoIP Handsets

Qualcomm Inc. has developed a modem chipset for its CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev. B, which it claims can deliver average downlink data rates of 9.3 Mbps via the 5 MHz spectrum. The company expects the Qualcomm Mobile Station Modem MSM7850 chipset to enable mobile TV, music streaming and VoIP calls. The device, which is due forContinue Reading

Seven Business Reasons For Wireless VoIP

King’s Toyota reported a 48 percent growth in sales since July 2006, a development that Gerry Carmichael, its general manager, mainly ascribed to the showroom’s new wireless VoIP system from Spectralink. According to Carmichael, because the system operates with the existing switchboard and voicemail, it allows him to reach a sales or service person anytimeContinue Reading

Siemens Teams With Nokia On Wi-Fi-GSM Handover

Siemens and Nokia are collaborating to perfect the handover of voice calls between corporate Wi-Fi and GSM networks. The two companies will work on certifying the compatibility of software in their products for business clients such as Nokia’s E-series mobile phones and Siemens’ fixed-mobile convergence server called MobileConnect, which is compatible with its HiPath 8000Continue Reading

Tesco Expands Into VoIP Market

Tesco has begun offering VoIP service, allowing subscribers to call each other for free. Calls, however, to U.K. landlines and select international destinations entail a fee of as little as 2p per minute while those to U.K. mobile numbers require payment of 10p per minute except for Hutchison 3G, which is costlier by 15p. CostsContinue Reading

Two Vendors Bridge Cellular And Wi-Fi Nets

Siemens Communications and DiVitas Networks have launched solutions that enable seamless call switching between corporate cellular and wireless networks. The Siemens HiPath Mobile Connect Appliance maintains an SIP registry of all client handsets like dual-mode phones or Wi-Fi VOIP handsets, thus allowing for round-the-clock monitoring of these devices. The appliance links with SIP-based PBX, whichContinue Reading

Coming Up: Vonage Wireless?

VoIP startup Vonage announced plans to begin offering dual-mode handsets with support for both cellular and Wi-Fi access during the second half of the year. This is the latest in a series of steps taken by the company as part of its diversification strategy. It is selling V-Phone — a VoIP phone in a stickContinue Reading

VoIP Systems Extend Workers’ Reach

Reducing communication costs is not the only advantage to using VoIP. Some companies are now opting for the technology because it allows them to reach their employees even when they are not in the office or on the phone. Jon Levey, broker/owner of ReMax Real Estate Advocate in Lincoln Park, Chicago is thanking the hostedContinue Reading

Beginner’s Guide To Internet Phoning

There are several ways to make calls online. Vonage allows unlimited calls from anywhere in the U.S. to Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Britain for a monthly fee of $25. But a user needs to plug an existing home telephone handset into a little adapter box — worth $60 after rebate — and plugContinue Reading