Seven Business Reasons For Wireless VoIP

King’s Toyota reported a 48 percent growth in sales since July 2006, a development that Gerry Carmichael, its general manager, mainly ascribed to the showroom’s new wireless VoIP system from Spectralink. According to Carmichael, because the system operates with the existing switchboard and voicemail, it allows him to reach a sales or service person anytime and affords a salesperson more mobility. Carmichael said VoIP streamlined internal communications and led to a quieter environment as it removed the need for paging over a loud speaker system. He also credited the technology for the improvement in customer service because service agents can now go into the garage and explain the progress of repair to a customer over the phone. Since the system supports call forwarding, customers can reach sales people even during their days off. “In our business, being available is everything. If you have been working with a customer for a week and they call you with the one question that will get you the sale on your day off, and they can’t get you but they can get your competitor, you miss the sale,” Carmichael said.
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