GPS + WiFi = No Place To Hide

Boston-based Skyhook Wireless is integrating GPS from SiRF Technology with its WiFi Positioning System. The original WiFi Positioning System constitutes a database of public and private access points, which currently number 16.5 million, in 2,500 cities in the U.S. Skyhook plans to offer the new combined service to major wireless providers this year. With this product, companies can find Wi-Fi enabled gadgets with the use of the right software– the GPS can locate these devices if the WiFi system is not available like in remote areas while the Wi-Fi Positioning System can do the same if the GPS cannot spot them such as when they are indoors or between skyscrapers. One device that can use this new service is iRiver W10, a product of the collaboration between Skyhook and digital maps firm Navteq.
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