Could The French Hinder Draft N In Europe?

A French regulation could impede the adoption of 802.11 Draft N standard in Europe. France was the first country to demand compliance with the latest version of the dynamic frequency selection – a mechanism enabling a WiFi system to move away from a channel once radar is detected – that European regulator ETSI released in October 2006. The European Commission ruling 2005/513/EC requires Europe to have unified regulations for 5 GHz spectrum and equipment makers to comply with EN 301 893 version 1.3.1 by March 2008. As such, selling of devices supporting the 1.2.3 of the DFS specification – basically all existing 5GHz WiFi equipment – is prohibited in France.

At present, industry groups like the EICTA, are working hard to change France’s stance. Tony Graziano, EICTA’s director of technical and regulatory affairs, said his group “is of the view that the position from France is in conflict with Community law.” He called on France to stick to the earlier version of EN 301 893 and throw away its demand on the newer variant.
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