Lexmark Loads Printers With WiFi

Lexmark printers are going wireless. The company, along with Ipsos, carried out a study showing that half of 9,000 respondents in 18 countries consider wireless networking as the biggest time-saving technology, beating broadband, faster computers and smart cards. The conclusion led Lexmark vice president Najib Bahous to state that “wireless is the technology wave of the future.”

Bahous hopes the company’s new products will pave the way for increased uptake of wireless printers. “Because of the high price of existing wireless printers and the complexity of use, consumers have been slow to adopt wireless printing,” he said. By the end of June, Lexmark will start selling printers with wireless capabilities for as little as $80, such as the Z1420 colour printer without scanner and X3550 all-in-one with an optional wireless feature. With corporations still relying on wired LANs, Lexmark’s printers are intended for the consumer and small enterprise markets.
Via [techworld.com]

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