WiMAX Services To Launch In Uganda Soon

Uganda will see its first WiMax service by the fourth quarter of 2007. Wateen Telecom is nearly done with a similar network in Pakistan, where coverage will extend over 22 cities. Its sister company, Warid Telecom, will start offering GSM service at the same time as the WiMax implementation as “the licence in Uganda covers both GSM and Wimax deployments,” according to Wateen Telecom CTO Shohidul Islam Miah. He expects the project to begin in the next two months.

Miah said Motorola is providing the infrastructure for Wateen Telecom’s Pakistan Wimax network. The company, he added, plans to expand the coverage beyond 22 cities. “We see Wimax as one of the many access technologies that can be used in Pakistan. In rural sectors, in particular, we will provide connectivity using a combination of Wimax and satellite technology,” Miah remarked.
Via [itp.net]

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