Vodafone To Be Sued For VoIP Blocking?

Vodafone is looking at some legal troubles for trying to stop VoIP. James Tagg, Chief Executive of Truphone claims that Vodafone is failing to meet interconnection obligations, blocking competitor websites and disabling internet telephony. He also claims that Vodafone blocks calls coming to their customers from people using Truphone services. Vodafone’s official stance is that VoIP services do not have quality guarantees and therefore their customers may be disappointed with the experience. For now the controversy is still brewing but as technology progresses these details will have to be ironed out.
Via [pcworld.com]

3 Responses to Vodafone To Be Sued For VoIP Blocking?

  1. inet says:

    They should be sued! Them and all the other carriers that choose the blocking route. They can’t think of nothing else than blocking the progress because they don’t have the brains to come up with services the customers wants!

    Lets face it. Today what are most services providers? Nothing more than pipe providers? Where are the services besides the link to your home?

    The services everyone uses are over the top and until the SPs decide to take their heads out of their bottoms this will not change. In the mean time… in all the darkness all they can think of is blocking amazing new services.

  2. Lee Taylor says:

    They should, and all the others should be sued. Quality of calls and experience is for us (the customer) to decide and not VodaFone and the other who are simply revenue protecting.

    SO MUCH FOR UNLIMITED Internet !!! Unlimited to me is everything..?

    T-Mobile are the same and I am barred with a contractual warning not to use VOIP and MSN leaving me no option than to open a VPN connection to home where I can send this data undetected through the tunnel.

  3. Paul says:

    I’ve been trying to get my router to work with voip and Vodafone only to find i can’t receive calls, rang voda more than a couple of times with no result. I asked if they had the ports blocked but didn’t give an answer, they said they would check with there techs and have one ring me back which did’nt happen. I’ll continue to try and get the ports opened but by the looks of your post i need to complain to the telecommunications people, your right in saying they should be sued.
    Cheers, Paul