Digital World: Divorce, VOIP syle

Is VoIP all it’s cracked up to be? Some users are finding problems with the system and have decided to forego the service entirely.

Users have cited differences between their needs and the actual services they receive as being a major problem. A lack of a stable internet connection can make you miss calls even when you’re at home and able to pick up the line. VoIP also tends to run about $25 a month, which is too expensive for some when they see the service as flawed.

There are other solutions such as Skype and Gizmo but each individual should carefully research their needs and what the providers offer so they can come up with their own personalized match.
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2 Responses to Digital World: Divorce, VOIP syle

  1. John says:

    This article is vague and very one sided. As a VoIP user of 1NetCalling (, I get QoS, great features and if there is an outage (which I have not had) my service forwards to me cell phone. The features alone justify the service. But saving 48% on my voice costs is huge. There most people will love VoIP and once they’ve tried it will never want anything less.

  2. Juan Deaton says:

    I get pretty good service with Skype also. I’m very impressed with the QoS that is provides despite the fact that I have just DSL.

    If a network is properly implemented with Diffserv, MPLS and other QoS enhancing network tools a VoIP network has significant advantages over the PSTN. Once power backup is installed on IP servers availability of VoIP will go up considerably.

    Take for instance hurricane Katrina, the only way the Mayor of New Orleans could call the president with long distance was with Vonage. It’s because of the single points of failure in the PSTN. Since IP is self healing it was able to properly route the call.