New Wi-Fi Distance Record: 382 Kilometers

Imagine a Wi-Fi link between two computers that are 238 miles apart. That is just what Ermanno Pietrosemoli, President of Escuela Latinoamerica de Redes, did in Venezuela.

This apparent record link was created by using some of Intel’s new equipment which can electrically steer signals and some parts that Pietrosemoli picked up at local stores. He then concocted his own long range Wi-Fi system which apparently works incredibly well.

Further research and experiments are being done as long-range Wi-Fi isn’t as reliable as WiMAX but it’s more cost effective.
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2 Responses to New Wi-Fi Distance Record: 382 Kilometers

  1. Outback Steve says:

    Boy, if this worked out, rural hi-speed might become that much more practical!

  2. ifurn0 says:

    fck that opal s*hit its a real bad plan demand fttn (or ftth if you can afford it) and nothing else….