Building The El Cajon Dam With Wireless Communications

The $800 million El Cajon Dam in Mexico reached completion early this year and a cutting-edge wireless voice and data communications helped made that possible. Raul Orozco, the IT and telecommunications director at the principal contractor of the dam, said the technology not only produced savings but also ensured the safety of workers — as many as 10,000 — during the four-year construction period. According to Orozco “there were no fatalities, a world record for a dam project like this,” and “some say that is because of the communications system.”

Cisco provided the $8 million data and voice system, which has Wi-Fi and mesh wireless components, as well unified communications technology, voice-over-IP phones linked to e-mail and other online functions, and core routing and switching over some wired links. The technology enabled for sharing of 3-D architectural models over the links among workers, dissemination of news and information, and efficient management of payroll needs.
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