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Dell Preparing Axim X3 With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved for sale in the U.S. an Axim X3 personal digital assistant (PDA) from Dell Inc. with both a Bluetooth and an 802.11b chip, according to documents posted on the FCC Web site. Via []Continue Reading

National Semi Takes on Bluetooth With Low-Power Wi-Fi

A new low-power wireless technology unveiled this week could expand the use of Wi-Fi in devices currently using the Bluetooth standard, National Semiconductor officials said. Via []Continue Reading

Linksys Previews Wireless Gear

Linksys Group is readying the launch of an 802.11g wireless print server, an 802.11g USB adapter, and its first Bluetooth product. Via []Continue Reading

Software Tool Steals Data Via Bluetooth

A UK researcher has developed a sniffing tool to demonstrate security holes in the wireless technology. Via []Continue Reading

New 2.4Ghz Spec Offering 55Mbit Throughput

The 802.15 camp (Bluetooth) has just drafted a 2.4-GHz specification that offers 55-Mbit/second throughput for Multimedia use in the home (WPAN). They promise all the speed of IEEE 802.11a, quality of service, security and the (heh-hem) low price of Blue Tooth. They claim a range of 100 feet. Its intended use is to replace theContinue Reading

The Year Ahead: The Year Of Bluetooth?

Bluetooth has suffered one of the most drawn-out launches of any technology in history, but with devices now appearing on the shelves, its time just might have come. Via []Continue Reading