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When 3G Meets Wi-Fi

If you have been reading technology news lately, you’ll know it’s an unusually busy summer for mobile operators. European and American operators have been launching their much-delayed 3G services. Unfortunately, all of them have decided to price the service way beyond what a lot of people are willing to pay for slow 200 kbps connections.Continue Reading

802.11n Beats UWB For Home Media, Analyst Predicts

The forthcoming 802.11n WLAN standard will eventually beat out ultra-wideband (UWB) as the primary standard for wireless home entertainment networks, according to a study released Tuesday (June 29). Via []Continue Reading

4G To Combine WiMax And 3G, Says Forrester

The fourth generation of mobile services – 4G – will be a combination of 3G and WiMax technologies, analyst Forrester has predicted. Via []Continue Reading

The Connection Conundrum: 3G Or Wi-Fi?

Vendors insist third generation mobile and Wi-Fi hot spots are complementary technologies, while analysts claim that for IT professionals, it’s decision time again. Via []Continue Reading

Here’s A Wi-Fi Primer To Help The Uninitiated

At its most basic, Wi-Fi is the Internet equivalent of a cordless phone. Instead of replacing a coiled-up phone cord, Wi-Fi takes the place of Ethernet cable, the thick wiring that stretches under desks in offices. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Group To Update WLAN Spec

The Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) is so confident that the IEEE will at long last ratify the 802.11e specification as a standard that it has already come up with a marketing name for the technology. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Alliance Arrives Here

Austin is one of the best places in the country to sit back and surf the Internet without being connected to a cord. Now, the city’s devotion to wireless access is reaping benefits. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi, WiMAX And 802.20 The Disruptive Potential Of Wireless Broadband

WiFi is already radically changing the way in which the internet is accessed in the home, in the office, in public locations and on the move. However wireless LANs are only one part of a much bigger wireless broadband landscape that is now unfolding before us. WiMAX and 802.20 threaten to have just as bigContinue Reading

Wi-Fi And VoIP: Is Sum Greater Than Parts?

Wireless local area networks and Net-based phoning have been among the most talked-about emerging technologies for businesses over the past year, and now, vendors are introducing products they say will help companies combine the two. Via []Continue Reading

Suit Alleges Health Risks Of Wi-Fi

First, children living near power lines were at risk for leukemia. Then cell phones were going to fry our brains. Now wireless networks are harmful too? Via []Continue Reading

New Wi-Fi Security Spec Due Mid-Year

The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced plans to upgrade the security capabilities in a new version of its industry-standard Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) protocol due for release later this year. Via []Continue Reading

A Quarter Of Products Fail Wi-Fi Tests

More than a quarter of Wi-Fi products fail compatibility tests the first time, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance, the body that promotes Wi-Fi use. Most users find that Wi-Fi devices work the first time with any hotspot, however, because the problems are always fixed before the product earns the Wi-Fi badge — the 1000th ofContinue Reading

Wi-Fi’s Biggest Fan

Dennis Eaton, chairman of the Wi-Fi Alliance, has turned his love of wireless into the pursuit of safe, interoperable enterprise gear. Via []Continue Reading

National Semi Takes on Bluetooth With Low-Power Wi-Fi

A new low-power wireless technology unveiled this week could expand the use of Wi-Fi in devices currently using the Bluetooth standard, National Semiconductor officials said. Via []Continue Reading

2004 Is Crunch Time For Wireless Data

Growing numbers of Wi-Fi enabled laptops, GPRS and 3G mobile handsets will make 2004 a breakthrough year for wireless data use, according to Ovum. Via []Continue Reading