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New Vulnerabilities To DoS Attacks In Wi-Fi / 802.11 Networks Revealed

The use of Wi-Fi / 802.11 wireless networks is steadily increasing despite many studies reporting security problems, Dr. Gianluigi Me, a Professor at the University of Tor Vergata of Rome, Italy and a staff member at the Wi-Fi Technology Forum (Wi-Fi-TF), together with Dr. Francesco Ferreri have just published “New vulnerabilities to DoS attacks inContinue Reading

Security Fix Proposed For Wireless LANs

Wireless-LAN access point developer Aruba Wireless Networks will provide recommendations to the Internet Engineering Task Force this week aimed at preventing security breaches in Radius network access servers with WLAN clients. The company said the widespread use of WLANs in enterprise networks is exacerbating security problems in Radius (remote authentication dial-in user service) servers. ViaContinue Reading

Comcast Denies Role In Wi-Fi Disconnects

Comcast executives point to a recent rash of wireless hardware problems as unintended “endorsements” of the cable giant’s home networking program. Via []Continue Reading

Greedy Hackers Can Hog Wi-Fi Bandwidth

Greedy computer hackers using open-source Linux machines could steal more than their fair share of bandwidth from Wi-Fi hotspots, Swiss computer scientists have warned. Via []Continue Reading

Windows XP Bedevils Wi-Fi Users

Kevin Gilmore is a network administrator at MicroDisplay, a small company in San Pablo, California, that uses several Wi-Fi access points to give employees the freedom to roam around the office with their laptops while remaining connected to the Internet. Via []Continue Reading

Security Bug In Linksys Wireless-G Router

A security bypass flaw in a popular wireless broadband router shipped by Cisco’s Linksys unit could give malicious hackers administrative access to vulnerable devices, researchers warned on Wednesday. Via []Continue Reading

QUT Researchers Find WiFi Flaw

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology have discovered an easily-exploited vulnerability which can be used to take down most 802.11 wireless networks. Via []Continue Reading

Cisco Warns Of Wireless Security Hole

Cisco is warning customers about a security hole in two products used to manage wireless LANs and e-business services in corporate data centers. Via []Continue Reading

How To Disable Detection Of Devices On Serial Ports

When you start Windows NT, NTDETECT searches for the pointing device (usually a mouse). In the course of this process, data is sent to the serial (COM) ports. If a serial mouse is detected, Windows NT disables the port so a device driver for the mouse can load instead. If a device is not detected,Continue Reading