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War, Peace, Or Stalemate: Wargames, Wardialing, Wardriving, And The Emerging Market For Hacker Ethics

There are inconspicuous ethical shades to wardriving that are poorly understood, and to date, no academic literature has analyzed the legality of the activity. This article will argue that the act of wardriving itself is quite innocuous, legal, and can even be quite beneficial to society. It will also highlight the need for wardrivers –Continue Reading

Wireless Attacks Primer

In general, attacks on wireless networks fall into four basic categories: passive attacks, active attacks, man-in-the middle attacks, and jamming attacks. Lets review what these attacks mean on a wireless network. Via []Continue Reading

QUT Researchers Find WiFi Flaw

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology have discovered an easily-exploited vulnerability which can be used to take down most 802.11 wireless networks. Via []Continue Reading

Best Practices For Wireless Fidelity (802.11b) Network Vulnerabilities

The deployment of wireless networking systems is proceeding rapidly. Advancements in the technology and reduction in the cost of ownership have converged such that wireless systems are becoming a measurable part of the national information infrastructure. The growth in sales booked and sales projected indicate that it qualifies as a technology mega-trend. Along with theirContinue Reading

Wireless Firewall Gateway White Paper

With the deployment of wireless network access in the workplace, the requirement for a more enhanced security design emerges. Wireless technology offers a more accessible means of connectivity but does not address the security concerns involved with offering this less restrained service. In order to facilitate management of this network, maintain a secure network model,Continue Reading

Cipher Attack Delivers Heavy Blow To WLAN Security

A new report dashes any remaining illusions that 802.11-based (Wi-Fi) wireless local-area networks are in any way secure. The paper, written by three of the world’s foremost cryptographers, describes a devastating attack on the RC4 cipher, on which the WLAN wired-equivalent privacy (WEP) encryption scheme is based. Via []Continue Reading