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NetStumbler Nominated For i3 Award

PC Magazine and eWEEK announced today the finalists for the second annual i3 awards, which honor the most innovative and advanced products in networking infrastructure technologies. The winners, which will be selected by editors from both publications, will be revealed at a ceremony on May 7, 2002, during the Spring NetWorld+Interop in Las Vegas, NevadaContinue Reading

Drive-by Hackers Crack Wireless Networks

Hackers increasingly are cracking into wireless networks based on a standard called “Wi-Fi” (wireless fidelty), also known as 802.11b. Wi-Fi networks have taken off with both consumers and businesses because they’re relatively inexpensive to install and transmit information at a speedy 11 megabits per second. Via []Continue Reading

More Networking, Less Wires

We were thwarted. We were going to review a cool product as promised last week but . . . well, the PC we were using bit the big one and stymied our endeavors. But, miracle of miracles, we were investigating something else that we think you will be equally agog over (we will return toContinue Reading

Network Stumbler

Network administrators deploying an 802.11b wireless network need site survey tools to help plan locations for access points. Once installed, the access points need to be checked periodically to ensure they are providing adequate coverage. Via []Continue Reading

Exploiting And Protecting 802.11b Wireless Networks

How many network administrators do you think would allow a complete stranger to walk into their wiring closet and plug in their notebook to their company’s network? Not too many, I suspect. But that’s what’s happening to companies coast-to-coast. Well, not exactly. Strangers aren’t plugging into networks, but they are attaching to networks using 802.11bContinue Reading

Cracked By PC World

While most of Auckland was sheltering from an unexpected late-winter blast, a band of evil crackers set out to map vulnerable wireless networks in city’s central business district. Via []Continue Reading

The War Over 802.11x Security

Not long ago, when wireless networking was new and rare, security was an afterthought. The reason? The scarcity of 802.11b cards acted as a form of back-handed security. If no one had an 802.11b card, outsiders couldn’t very well scan your setup, right? Now, however, that’s changed. Wireless gear is readily available–and cheap–so that almostContinue Reading

A Note From Marius Milner

Before emailing me to ask for new features and bug fixes, please bear in mind that I’m writing this in my spare time. My family and job come first.Continue Reading

What Is NetStumbler?

NetStumbler is a Windows Utility for AP Mapping (a.k.a. War Driving, Lan Mapping). Currently the software is still in development. If you would like a pre-release copy please email the author Marius Milner.Continue Reading