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Wardriving Is Not A Crime

New technology puts predators on the prowl in your neighborhood. What do they want? Your location. Via []Continue Reading

War Driving No Game To IT Managers

A couple of buddies get in their car on a Saturday morning. They’ve got steaming coffees and a laptop. As the passenger boots up the computer, the driver pulls out and banks a left onto a busy downtown Boston street. But in this scenario, it doesn’t have to be Boston; it could be Chicago, NewContinue Reading

Powerful Wireless Security Tools For Free

For a network administrator or curious end-user looking to do basic sniffing of the airwaves for WLAN traffic and locations, Kismet, NetStumbler and AirSnort have a price that’s hard to beat. Via []Continue Reading

Find Those Rogues

Unauthorized hardware poses a serious threat to your network. Here’s how to track it down. Via []Continue Reading

Growth: Cities Try To Cash In

The future of wireless networks can be found about an hour from Atlanta, in the foothills of Georgia’s northeast mountains.Continue Reading

Ten Steps To A Secure Wireless Network

Businesses and home users are quickly adopting wireless networking—and for good reason. It’s cheap, convenient, easy to set up, and provides great mobility. In fact, more than one third of PC Magazine readers have already installed wireless networks in their homes. The freedom from tangled cables is intoxicating but comes with a price. A wirelessContinue Reading

Stumble Across Rogue Wireless Access Points

Your users could be compromising the network’s security by adding unauthorised wireless access points. Here’s how to use NetStumbler and MiniStumbler to detect rogue access points. Via []Continue Reading

NetStumbler Proves A Vulnerability Point

When Gartner Inc. security analyst John Pescatore wants to illustrate the wide-open nature of wireless LANs to enterprise clients, he tells them to check out the Web site. On the site is a map that starkly illustrates the vulnerabilities of 25,000 exposed wireless LANs across the country. Via []Continue Reading

State Of The Wireless Nation

Computer experts and interested amateurs are joining forces to map out wireless networks around the world and find out how many are secure. Via []Continue Reading

Best Buy Reactivates Wireless LAN Cash Registers

Best Buy Co. has resumed the use of its wireless LAN cash registers, saying it is now using beefed-up security to protect its data. The move comes just over a month after the company shut down the registers after reports on an Internet security list that they were transmitting customer information — possibly credit cardContinue Reading

PC Magazine And eWeek Announce i3 Winners

On May 7 at the NetWorld+Interop show, PC Magazine and eWEEK announced the winners of the second annual i3 awards for innovative networking technologies. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless LAN Security: A Short History

If you’re holding back on an 802.11 deployment because of security concerns, you’re not alone. Research indicates that the perceived insecurity of wireless networks is a major inhibitor to further market growth. Via []Continue Reading

Tales Of A White Hat War Driver

If your company doesn’t already have a wireless network, chances are it’s probably testing the waters for future development. But how secure is this technology? What kinds of problems will IT staff encounter? One type of problem gaining national attention is called “war driving,” in which a hacker can use a laptop computer to driveContinue Reading

A Hacker’s Dreamland: Wireless Networks

Should you be concerned about wireless security? Yes, at least according to Chris O’Ferrell, chief technology officer of wireless technology company Netsec. Via []Continue Reading

Drive-by Hackers Hunt Free, Easy Web Access

Russell Handorf was in a no-parking zone, but so what? His laptop computer, propped against the steering wheel, had his full attention. Via []Continue Reading