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NetStumbler Goes Web 2.0? Say It Ain’t So!

Actually we haven’t, and at this rate we won’t be “Web 2.0″ until 2014. Anyways, as you might have noticed has undergone some more changes. There are several new features that we are very pleased to bring you. Here are some highlights: Comments! Live Search Live Archive Page Category Browsing Tags Easy Bookmarking (AddContinue Reading

NetStumbler: The Best Wi-Fi Tool Money Can’t Buy

Kirk Kirksey, author of Computer Factoids: Tales From the High-Tech Underbelly, called NetStumbler as “one of the greatest freebies of all time.” The downloadable program is a tool that sniffs WiFi signals and informs users if their wireless network is properly configured. But prior to downloading, users need to check if their wireless cards areContinue Reading

Securing Your Network In A Growing Wireless World

A good reason to secure one’s wireless network is performance, according to Yankee Group analyst Tara Howard. But aside from that, there is not much difference between an unsecured and secured network. Nonetheless, some people prefers to have their networks secured and to do so, they should ensure that their firewall is properly working. TheyContinue Reading

When Wireless Routers Keep Failing

Laptops with wireless routers that keep failing may indicate that the device is suffering from interference. To solve this problem, it is recommended that the owner download and run NetStumbler, which could locate another access point with a strong enough signal or multiple access points on the same channel. Interference could also be caused byContinue Reading

Learn To Do A Wireless LAN Site Survey

George Ou covers how to do a WLAN site survey with a number of tools, including Netstumbler and Airmagnet survey. He also covers the proper usage and importance of a spectrum analyzer to a proper WLAN survey. In the end you get what you pay for. The commercial software is easy to use and hasContinue Reading

Track Down Rogue Wireless Access Points

Of all of the threats faced by your network security, few are as potentially dangerous as the rogue Access Point (AP). A rogue AP is a WiFi Access Point that is set up by an attacker for the purpose of sniffing wireless network traffic in an effort to gain unauthorized access to your network environment.Continue Reading

Want To Write For

It’s not every day that we post things like this, but this may end up being a turning point of some sort. With the growth and popularity of continuing at a remarkable rate, the idea of adding some Wi-Fi/WiMAX/Wireless fanatics to the mix sounds pretty promising. To write for you don’t need toContinue Reading

Introduction To NetStumbler

For a Swiss Army knife of wireless network diagnostics, “NetStumbler” is saddled with a somewhat unfortunate name. Although it implies a sort of blind luck, NetStumbler is actually most useful for pinpointing details of a wireless network, helping you configure, secure, optimize and discover. Via []Continue Reading

Freeware Detects Insecure Wireless Networks

Wireless networking has become a convenient way to connect computers without the hassle of running cable between machines. But if it’s not properly secured, it can be a loophole through which crackers can hijack free network access. Via []Continue Reading

Canned Heat

Tech enthusiasts find inspiration in a Pringles package. Via []Continue Reading

Helium Networks Introduces Wireless Recon At Networld + Interop 2005

Helium Networks today announces the commercial launch of its patented, breakthrough Wireless Recon system, which enables network engineers and technicians to optimally conduct site surveys or audit 802.11 a/b/g wireless networks in half the time of traditional site survey and design methods, while automatically collecting the industry’s largest set of real wireless measurements with preciseContinue Reading

London Metropolis Is A Wi-Fi Desert

No doubt you remember the INQ took a trip from the Agora Hotel to the Taipei World Trade Center last year and Net Stumbler just woudn’t stop beeping. It was a journey of about four miles. Via []Continue Reading

Seattle’s Packed With Wi-Fi Spots

Philip Howard has always thought of Seattle as a well-connected city. Now he has the map to prove it. Via []Continue Reading

Is Sharing Wi-Fi Illegal? Answer Hazy; Try Again Later, Lawyer Says

Borrowing a neighbor’s unsecured Wi-Fi signal could be against the law. Or it might be legal. The law is unclear, said cyberlawyer Mark Rasch. Via []Continue Reading

RogueWatch Does The Watching For You

The rogue access point creates many problems for IT professionals. Whether good intentioned or not, users can create a real security nightmare when they attempt to piggyback onto your network. Via []Continue Reading