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Introduction To Kismet

Kismet, like Netstumbler, is one of the defacto wardriving and wireless troubleshooting apps available for free to the public. Kismet, unlike Netstumbler has a number of features that make it a much more useful tool for network discovery and reconnisence. If you have not tried Kismet, you really should. It’s a great tool to haveContinue Reading

Newbury Networks’ WiFi Watchdog 4.0

Unlike AirMagnet’s Enterprise 5.0 and other wireless IDSes (intrusion detection systems), which use location tracking simply to display possible locations of wireless devices on a floor-plan diagram, Newbury Networks’ WiFi Watchdog 4.0 uses location tracking as a core component of MAC (media access control) authentication. Via []Continue Reading

Review: Belkin 802.11g Wireless Ethernet Adapter

More and more gadgets have built-in networking capabilities, but the problem is connecting them all to your home or small office network without making rooms look like IT wiring closets. Belkin’s 802.11g Wireless Ethernet Adapter is a perfect alternative to pulling cables if you have a wireless WiFi network — or want to create one.Continue Reading

Cracking The Wireless Security Code

Is it possible to deploy a secure wireless LAN with technology available today? That question preys on the minds of IT executives who are tempted to deploy enterprise WLANs, but are hesitant because of security concerns. Via []Continue Reading