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Lock Out Wi-Fi Users With Fingerprint Reader

Silex Technology unveiled a new device that will require fingerprint identification to gain access to a WiFi network. According to a Silex spokesman, the Silex Bio-NetGuard will likely be sold for $499. It contains a Fujitsu MBF200 fingerprint sensor, which when touched, will prompt the device to scour its database of 27,000 unique fingerprint keyContinue Reading

AirMagnet Rolls Out Voice-Over-Wi-Fi Analysis Tool

AirMagnet is offering a new network analysis tool to help network managers identify voice problems over wireless networks. The AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer can detect these problems in real time, keep track of voice traffic from one device to another, and determine if both wireless APs and wire-side devices are configured just right. The company saidContinue Reading

Google Wi-Fi Deal Gains Powerful Critics

The Google/Earthlink plan to unwire San Francisco is meeting with some serious opposition. While groups like the ACLU and the EFF applaud the economic and social benifits of the plan, but also have grave concerns about the privacy of the system. The latest person to step up with concerns is city supervisor Jake McGoldrick. NoContinue Reading

New Law Forces Businesses To Secure Wireless Nets

Come October 2006, hackers in New York City’s Westchester County will hit a wall — a firewall, to be exact. A new law, considered to be one of the first of its type in the country, will force Westchester businesses using wireless technology to secure their networks from hackers in order to protect customers’ personalContinue Reading

The Problems With Citywide Wireless

Municiple WiFi seems to have a problem. Millions are spent to set it up, but no one wants to pay to use it. This is the problem faced by some municipal and city-wide network installations. The solution seems to be with third party partnerships that allow for advertising and pay-for-higher-speeds plans, as is the caseContinue Reading

How To Keep Your Wireless LANs Safer

It’s rough out there in the wireless world. Keeping things secure should be a top priority for everyone dealing with WLANs. Thinking about security from the outset makes the job easier. Thinking about end to end security makes it safer. Via []Continue Reading

Google’s Wi-Fi Plan For San Francisco Stirs Privacy Debate

As with any new project nowadays, privacy is becoming a concern with the Google-Earthlink plan to provide free WiFi to San Francisco. The debate stems from Google’s plan to pay for the service with targeted ads based on the users location. Since the system will know who’s signed on through user ID’s and will alsoContinue Reading

Steps For Better, Simpler Wireless Network Security

Siemens Communications has introduced HiPath Wireless Advanced, a centrally managed WLAN security controller comprised of integrated components rather than separately purchased ones. The system, with prices starting at $6,000, includes an intrusion detection and prevention system capable of sniffing out rogue access points and blocking their users. Other companies offering intrusion detection and prevention toolsContinue Reading

Know Your Wireless Enemy

Security needs for a wireless LAN lie somewhere between business needs and business risks, and the challenge is in knowing how far to go and which methods to use. Hackers, freeloaders, and virus spreaders have a multitude of tools at their disposal, and weak WEP encryption doesn’t offer much protection. Newer security technologies can beContinue Reading

How To Blend WEP, WPA, And 802.11i

In the ever changing world of WiFi devices, some equipment becomes legacy very quickly. There are a great many still useful devices out there that only support WEP. WPA or WPA2 are beyond thier capabilities. So what do you do? Many companies are setting up blended environments with multiple AP’s and networks, each supporting aContinue Reading

Introduction To Kismet

Kismet, like Netstumbler, is one of the defacto wardriving and wireless troubleshooting apps available for free to the public. Kismet, unlike Netstumbler has a number of features that make it a much more useful tool for network discovery and reconnisence. If you have not tried Kismet, you really should. It’s a great tool to haveContinue Reading

Wardrivers And Leeches And Hackers, Oh My!

With all the press lately about people abusing others open WiFi AP’s, you think security is getting better. Well it’s not. Police are still playing catch up and the law is still pretty vague. Given the consiquences of someone abusing your AP, it’s as good an idea as ever to lock it down securly. ViaContinue Reading

Wireless Cracking Tools

Knowing the tools that attackers could use to attack your network is the first step in knowing how to secure your network. These same tools can be used to discover weaknesses yourself and patch them before the bad guys find them. Via []Continue Reading

NSA Awards Harris $41.6 Million For Secure WLAN

The NSA has just ordered $41.6 Million worth of Harris SecNet54 wireless routers. Based off of standard 802.11a/b/g standards, the accesspoints radios are hooked into hardware cryptographic accelerators, turning them into a high level encrypted VPN device. This use of higher level encryption over normal protocols makes the units a bit less proprietary but alotContinue Reading

Report Finds Friendlier WiFi Security Needed

We all know that WiFi security sucks. Well, who’s to blame. It’s hard to blame users when manufacturers don’t make it very easy to setup thier equipment with security. This is why many people end up turning off the security and leaving it open. It’s easy and once it’s working, it keeps working without worryingContinue Reading